Saturday, February 20, 2010

February Book Buys 2010!

Well, what do you know! I haven't bought any books this month! Wow! Now, talk about being good. Truthfully, I've been a little low on funds and have begun reading books from Mt TBR.
So, instead of skipping this month, I thought to let you know what books I have gotten my nose into.
The first book was the same one from holidays: 'Under The Dome' by Stephen King. It's a tome of a book and every time I get fifty pages read, it doesn't look much. So, I'm still kind of struggling with it. There is so much happening in it that I really do need to read some of it, put it down and digest it over a few days before getting back into it again. But I'm not bored with it.

'So Many Books, So Little Time' by Sara Nelson is a lovely book I received for Christmas and I'm only just getting into it now. It's a book about reading books by a book reviewer from New York. I've done a review on it below as I'm enjoying it so much that I feel I didn't need to finish it before reviewing it... and I do feel the same way about books as she does; thankfully, I have a big collection like hers - just not 3,000 of them. My little office would never fit that many!

The next book was a bookring from Bookcrossing that I couldn't get into called 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zusak. It was simply because of when it was based: World War II, in Nazi Germany. There's just something about that time that really makes me choke. Otherwise the storyline is very sweet and lovely; how a little girl has a passion for words to the point that she steals her books to read. But it was where and when it was set that caused me to pass it to the next person.

So, it's what I read this month instead of what I bought. But don't worry, I'll have a good look around next month to see what's available to purchase. I've just been good in not buying books this month; that's all.

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  1. I'm pretty low on funds myself, so I may not be buying any books anytime soon. But that's okay, because I've got a Mt. TBR to go through myself. There have been times when I have gone whole days without reading. What I try to do now is read at least one chapter per day (especially since I try to routinely record my progress on whatever book I'm on at the time at my reading blog, RAB-PIA).

    Too bad you don't live in my hometown. At the thrift store that I'm volunteering at, the default price for paper backs is a quarter apiece, and for hardbacks it's 50 cents. (I've bought books there before and probably will again. And of course, whatever books I buy there or at any second hand-type store, I generally add to my list for Bookcrossing and for RAB-PIA.)