Friday, February 21, 2014

'The Naughty Book for Girls' by Candice Hill

Are you a good girl or a bad, bad girl?  I bet you women out there are laughing at the question with a wicked grin on your face... saying you can be very bad if the mood strikes you, but good if you want something out of somebody.

Well, I've discovered 'The Naughty Book for Girls' by Candice Hill which will clear this mystery up for you - and everyone else around you for good. 
For the first few chapters, it asks you all kinds of questions about your personality and I found them dead easy to answer, then it gets a little more detailed.  
This book is a fun, easy read and has a candy-striped pink cover with a hot redhead on the cover in a kinky pose to make it more appealing to our naughty side.  However it does make you wonder about just how naughty us girls can get... doesnt it?  Until my next post, happy reading.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Time Vs Books

Don't you hate it when you have deadlines to reach, but other things get in the way?  

Yeah, me too.

And this is what has happened lately.  I haven't been here for a while, and it's been difficult for me to upkeep this blog due to my little hobby business taking off.
A lot of time goes into making it work.  However, I promise that I'll be getting back into reading more very soon.  I can see the light at the end of this very long, arduous tunnel and it's very near.

I've been writing again.  I've picked out a book to read.  I've begun going to a writer's group too.  So, these are the startings of what I have to do to get myself working on new things for this blog too... and the label on the sidebar 'A Writer's World' to keep you guys interested in what goes on in the world of being a writer.  Seeing you're readers, I thought you'd like to know what goes on in the mind of one of us authors.

Anyway, just letting you all know I'm still here, and I haven't forgotten any of you.  I'm struggling to get interested in reading anything right now; as I'm tired every night.  But I do have 'Wizard and Glass' by Stephen King by my bed.  I also have other books there in case I feel like reading something else.  Otherwise, I'm hoping to get in and review something for you before the end of the month.  Until my next post, happy reading.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Writing Groups and Genres

A new year has begun, and so I have joined another group to keep myself active.  This year, I thought to get my romance and erotic fiction looked at by other writers of that genre.  And seeing I write erotica, they found, at the first group, it was kind of.... strong.

However, I wasn't pushed away and they had a great laugh over it and asked a lot of questions about the who of the main character and a lot of why's... and who her lover was; that they wish to see him in the next chapter.

So, I'm in!  

This month, I'm meeting up with them again at the end of the month and hoping to see what they think of the first two huge chapters of my book... which are really short stories within themselves.  

So, what have you been doing to keep yourself busy in the writing world?  I've also picked up the Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Friday again - such fun! - so that's very cool.  I'm also doing the Creative Markets and am still volunteering at the Logan Art Gallery... yep, lots of things to keep me busy.  And, I'm still getting my nose into a book when I can too.  Until my next post, happy reading.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Truth Behind the Lies

Have you ever been sitting reading your most recent picked-up book, when you've wondered if the information you've just read is right?  You know the part, the part where the character said that Lavendar means mistrust.  Or the part where the scientist who works in the police department says that morphine leaves the body after a few hours - leaving no trace of it ever being there?

Yeah, those parts.  The truths behind the storylines.

I've often wondered this and have spent a lot of time on Google asking it questions about what's what, how things are done, and why thing are so.  And you know, sometimes, things aren't always what they seem.  

For example, I'm not really sure if Snopes is right or wrong.   That site says one thing, then it says another... so I don't look at it anymore.  However, when you Google something on an official medical site, it's great to know exactly how things are in the simplist possible way.

It's amazing what you can find out just by asking the right question in the right way.  However, it's not always the right answer we get.  And more often than not, the information we read in books isn't always right either.
I have been watching 'Horrible Histories' on television recently.  It's a funny show designed for teenagers, but it's hilariously designed.  I love how it's set up with a rat as its host.  Anyway, they keep on saying that Caesar was murdered, when it's been proven in recent years that he committed suicide.  This is old information that hasn't been changed yet, and yet it's on a modern show.  They haven't said that he had Epilepsy, and I don't think they will.  Nor will they tell who out of the great leaders of the past who has had this horrible condition (which will show exactly why their personalities were so weird and haphazard and dark).  
But the best thing about this show is that it has got a lot of its work accurate... and it puts it in a great way for teenagers to relate to.

So, what have you learned from reading or other sources that you didn't know - knew differently and have seen that have been shown as mistakes - of late?  Until my next post, happy reading.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Bookshelfie Thing To Do...

I've just taken part in a huge bookshelfie project.  It's to find out how many people out in the world have book collections - personal, home book collections.  And this person doesn't mean a little bookcase by the computer for the computer magazines or the textbooks you need for your studies, she means a proper book collection you've accumulated over years and decades of collecting.

Well!  Of course I had to take part and so I stuffed around and took what they call a 'Bookshelfie'.. this is a photo of yourself in front of your collection of books... and e-mailed it to her.  But that's not all.  I had to give her my city, country and state.  I also told her how long I've been collecting.  In return, she wanted me to pass on the message to all my friends.  And seeing you're all here to read this, I thought to plug this wonderful project and see if you'd all like to take part.

Mainly, she wants to know if the digital age of e-books have really taken over the good old-fashioned books we have come to know and love so well.  Until my next post, happy reading.

Atua's Bookshelfie Project 

Going Digital

I've been streamlining a few things around my place, as you know, and this includes my cookbooks.

Now, I have my own personal cookbook where I write down my own inventions and meals I cook.  Yeah, I love to cook my meals from scratch.  So, if there's a meal I've learned to cook, but I like to try another type of herb in it and I find it works, I'll write it into my cookbook instead of changing the original cookbook recipe.  

This is all well and good, until I'm at a friend's house and they want to cook something I like and I know the name of my recipe, but don't remember how to cook it.
Since I received an Acer Android Tablet for Christmas, I've uploaded a few apps to it.  And one of those I've looked for just yesterday was a recipe book app.  This isn't just any recipe book app... it's one which is empty, and I fill it with my recipes from my cook books that I like and have cooked.

Well, 'My Recipe Box Pro' is a good app which I downloaded to the tablet.  It already has 7 recipes on the app - all from the USA - and I can add my own, share them on Facebook and with friends and all I have to do is type in my recipes.  It looks great.  The next one up from this one, allows photos, but then, I have to pay around $3 for it.  Never mind, I'd rather have this one where it's all written down for you.  The background is a nice wood panelling and very easy to read.  
Already, I've added in 6 of my own recipes, and they're all still in there.  However, there was a glitch this morning after a night of the tablet being on charge; the app wouldn't work.  So, I left it alone for about an hour and then it started up.  I don't know what happened with it, but now, it doesn't matter.  The great thing with this one, is that while you have the app open at any page, it won't go to sleep on you, so you can keep and eye on it the whole time, and you don't get food on your screen trying to keep from switching off.  Now, that's a great option.

What apps have you found for your tablet, iPhone or device which has worked for you in your life?  Did it cost you a little bit of money, or was it free from the PlayStore of iTunes?  Until my next post, happy reading.