Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Month Is Almost Gone!

I'm so sorry I haven't been posting in here. But not much has been going on. I've been reading a few Flash Fictions - and also writing them as well. I wrote one about Easter and the Easter Egg Hunt in the past week; and I'll see if I can get in and write a few more on my blog to keep it active enough.

Then, I started editing more stories for my Flash Fiction book for the end of the year. This is exciting... some of the stories are really coming together. I can't wait to get them all into one PDF file and looking great!
But I've done this self-publishing thing before, though and it's very time-consuming. So, I hope it works out this time.

Anyway, I've been getting my nose into a book or two. There's 'The Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy: the Trilogy in Four Parts' by Douglas Adams and 'Good Reading Magazine' - this month's issue - which as had me glued to its pages. 

I'm also learning to work with oils in my paintings; and so I'm working on new paintings for my Book-Art exhibition I'm hoping to get into the Logan Artists Association in the next year - if they have space for what I have. I still have a long way to go in the Book-Art theme... but it's all working out. 

Otherwise, my book-collecting life is going well. I found a second edition copy of 'Roots' by Alex Haley from 1977 in hardcover. And I also found an fictional autobiography by Clive James. I'm looking forward to reading both these books in the future. Well, until my next post, happy reading!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Watcha Readin'?

It's been a while since I jumped on here and posted to you guys. But there's a good reason for this; as you know. I've been editing and writing a book. Well, okay... a few books. 

And I've been book shopping too.

However, my whole life has done a backflip and I've been getting back into the arts and have joined the Logan Artists Association so I can get my book-art back on track and I can sell my works to people... yep, I'm taking up my painting again. However, it's not acrylics. It's oil painting I'm learning; and it's wonderful!

Okay, oil painting is a lot messier than acrylic painting, but it's a lot more fun, the paint goes further and adds more character than acrylics. But while I'm doing my paintings, I'm also thinking about what books to read next, what to write next and I'm also still writing flash fiction as well.

My flash fiction book is taking shape and I'm working on it bit by bit (I'm up to story 11 I think) and I'm looking at how to get it all pulled together into a PDF. This is one huge file to make it a book. Then, there's the 5 or 6 hour day I'll be spending working on the book itself with What a site! Hopefully I'll be able to sell my work through Amazon and people can either download it or order a copy - either way, I'll be making money in some way.

Then, just for the fun of it, I'll go and do that all over again... yay! Yeah, nobody ever got anywhere for nothing.

Otherwise, I'm still reading a couple of books. There's 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' by Douglas Adams and 'The Tale of Two Cities' by Charles Dickens. Woah! What a great choice of works, right? But the latter one was something I've heard people talking about lately and just wanted to know what the hubbub was about with it; so I dug it out of my classics section and began reading it. I'll let you know what I really think of it in a few weeks. Well, now you know what I've been up to lately. What have you gotten your nose into? Until my next post, happy reading!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Been Book Shoppin'

Now, I haven't been on here for a while; and I really must put my hand out and say I'm very sorry about this. But I haven't been reading that much.

I have been editing and writing a lot and doing some painting and learning new techniques to do with the art world lately - to do with oil paints. I've also joined the Logan Artists Association; and so I've been making sure I get myself known there. I'm also taking art classes there and have been in one art exhibition and have applied for another one next week! Woah! Now, my plate is really getting full as well as my social calendar. 

Which means I've let a few of my blogs go without any posts. I don't mean for this to happen, but it's means I've been busy enough to jump on here today and write a really great blog for you all to read.

I've been out book shopping!

Well, okay, that doesn't sound like anything out of the ordinary.

But I went out and bought NEW BOOKS! Yeah, that's so not like me, is it? Yep, I normally go for the preloved books in this world and the books that have been around the block a couple of times before I get in and read them.

Do you all remember that $50 QBD gift Voucher I received for Christmas from my folks? Well, today, I spent some of it at the Hyperdome. 
Initially, I wanted to spend it on a book which Peter Walsh just brought out in the States, but it's not out here just yet. So, I couldn't buy that... darn! So, I asked about Chuck Wendig's books. But they only had his Star Wars: AfterLife Series... double darn! So, instead of leaving the store, I went perusing the store in the search for the perfect purchases - the books I've wanted for yonks, but haven't bought because they've been too darned expensive in the past.

I came home with a David Bowie biography and this wonderful treasure! Okay, the second one isn't everyone's cup of tea or coffee, but really, I've wanted to own it for years, and I'm so happy I found it for just $14.99! The David Bowie biography was a little over $20; which leaves me with around $17.00 to play with still on the voucher. I'm so happy to have found these two books.

You know, I'd rather buy a couple of great books I really want to read,than one large purchase of a book I might not use or read. Wouldn't you? Well until my next post, happy reading.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Writing and Editing Again

I'm at it again - yep, I'm editing another book.

But don't get me wrong, I'm also getting my nose into reading lighter books just to keep my brain from wandering on me. 

I've also been giving books away and exchanging them at The Really Good Bookstore too. So, my book collection is looking great and filled with books I want to read.
But there is a big pile of books under the coffee table in the office here which can't be given away or exchanged - and they are Bookcrossing books. I'm going to be very busy over Winter as I Wild Release those ones across Brisbane and around the Logan area; something I haven't done in a long time.

Anyway, as I said, I'm hoping to get in and edit a book to get published. This is something I'm hoping to do through It's a platform used through Amazon and I can upload my book for nothing and they sell it print-on-demand; and I get a royalty for it. One of my artist friends, Aaron Pocock, told me about it and I've signed up to their website. Now, I'm busily working away on my collection of flash fictions. 
But if you think they're going to be the same as they are on the blog, you're wrong. Some of them are going to be shorter, some longer... and a few will have a different ending altogether. So, the book will be different from the blog; and will be worthwhile owning. 

So, what have you all been up to? You know what I've been doing. Until my next post, happy reading and writing.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

February Book Buys?

Yep, I didn't so much as buy books, but get rid of them.

Jeez, that doesn't sound like me, does it? A book collector giving away books? Nope, it really doesn't. But fear not, I didn't just throw them in the direction of the first op-shop I encountered! No, I took them to a book exchange at Browns Plains so I could accumulate points to - yep you guessed it! - buy more books! 

So, there was method in my madness in doing that. 

Otherwise, I have been cleaning out the home office so I can find the floor, the Reading Chair and - hey, look at that - I found the magazine rack! Yeah, It's been a really great thing for me to do. But unlike that last time I cleaned out the books and other bits I did before, it's taking me longer. 

I don't mind. The longer it takes me, the better this room will look. The living room is taking me a long time too; but that's only because there's not that much space there and I have books down there too. 

So, I'm not buying books right now. Okay, people are giving me books, but I'm seriously looking at giving them away after about a week. So, how has your month been? Until my next post, happy reading!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

J.D Wiley Spotlight Sessions

I'm so pleased to introduce a new writer who I've discovered in another blogger's blog. His name is J.D Wiley and he's scored himself a wicked blog stance in his own right!

Recently, I wrote a Flash Fiction titled 'The Sounds of Silence' about the future of the computers, the world we're currently living and how our lives have turned out. And J.D Wiley asked in the comments if he could use the first 100 words or so as a tempter on his blog; then link it back to mine for the people on his blog to read mine. I said yes! And now, he's brought more traffic to my Flash Fiction blog than before.

The J.D. Wiley: Come for the Action, Stay for the Antics blog is an interesting site. I've only been here a few times to suss it out, but once I've read a few items on here, I found it's well worth staying for a good hour to see what else it here. I love how he's worked the pages and the articles available to us all.

I thought to thank J.D. Wiley here as this is where my writing and books take place. I hope to see him in My Reading List soon. Otherwise, take the time to read the tempter to 'The Sounds of Silence' and then follow the link to my Flash Fiction blog on his site. Until my next post, happy reading! 

Friday, February 10, 2017

This Weekend...

This weekend, in the disgusting heat of what us Australians have come to call 'The Hellmouth', I'm going to be hibernating in my office. Yes, I'm going to be cleaning out this very room in air-conditioned comfort - only resurfacing for bottles of water and toilet breaks.

I know that sounds like I'm hiding - and I am - but the temperature is going to hit over 40C (that's 104F for you guys in the States). In Queensland, where I live, we'll be able to use our air-conditioners. However in the southern states, like South Australia, they'll be having their power cut. I have no idea what they'll be doing to keep cool, but it would kill me if that happened - a whole weekend without electricity. 

Besides sorting through all my books and about 6 bags of junk, I'll also be writing on the computer and hopefully reading something. Otherwise, I'll be attending only one event this weekend - and that'll be on the cooler day of the weekend, Saturday, then I'll be back home in the air conditioning and hoping to cool off more next week.

So, what do you get up to when it heats up? Reading is a great option... but when it gets too hot to read? Do you write? Do you find a pool or seek out a library or a shopping centre? Until my next post, happy reading.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

It's Been A Busy Time

Over the last few weeks, I've been busily cleaning out the house - and working on Flash Fiction. I've also been looking at the security of my blogs (if you've been trying to comment and found a few road blocks, I'm sorry about that). 

I've had a stalker online on my Flash Fiction blog. He's a real prick of a person who doesn't give any real criticism, just tells me that I write drivel and shouldn't be writing at all. However, when I've challenged him to get off his duff and write something better, he doesn't. He'd rather dish out the crap than do better than somebody else; or leave them alone. So, upping the security was my best bet. 

This will be permanent. I'm sorry it has to be this way, but to keep him out, those measures are staying. 

Well, that's out of the way (I've been feeling a little guilty about that), I'm hoping to catch you all up on what I've been up to. 

I started another blog (yep, there's more blogs to read!). It's about my journey through my decluttering of my house. I thought that I write about enough on one of my blogs that I ought to make a blog out of it. It's called 'A Work In Progress' and you can find it on my complete profile. There's not much there right now, but it will be getting bigger over the next year or so.

Well over the last month, I haven't been buying books - yay! - that's a good thing! Instead, I've been just writing some flash fiction ideas that have been good and bad (some haven't really taken off but I uploaded them anyway for a laugh). Then, over the last week, my Mum has started doing out her large bookcase and I've scored some books! 

'The MacQuarie Dictionary' This may not seem like a huge deal, but my folks bought this book while I was in high school and it's a real tome! I have always wanted to take off with this book and learn new words - and man have I learned new words from it! I actually used this dictionary while I read 'Lord of the Rings' by JRR Tolkien when I was in my early 20's. There were so many words he used I had no idea of the meaning; but with this book there were three different meanings to the word 'fern'... so that's a positive to having a dictionary over 2 inches thick! I have had to tape it up as it's been used so much.

'The Perfect Journey' by David Dale. I'm not sure where this came from, or what it's about. But Mum and I thought it was weird by the description on the back. Then, we came across a couple of classics: 'I Sing the Body Electric' by Ray Bradbury; which I loaned to Mum and thought she had loaned to somebody else... but when we found it I was amazed and wanted it back! So here it is, back home again. Then we found 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society' by Mary Ann Shaffer. Now, I've heard this one is fantastic, but have never read it. So, when I came across it, I thought Mum would love it. But she never got around to reading it; so into the bookcase (aka: tardis) it went, never to be seen again. Then, we found 'The Gun Seller' by Hugh Laurie (yes that one from 'House'). Now, I loaned my Dad this one, but he never read it - he didn't even pop the cover... so much for that. So, I brought it home to read it. I'm a huge fan of Hugh Laurie and hope to see what kind of writer he is. 

So, what have you been up to over the past few weeks. For me, it's been so busy and stinking hot, I'm just taking my time and doing things that make me happy, keep me cool and I'm slowly working on some artwork for myself and an exhibition next month. Otherwise, I'm still looking for a title for my time travel romance book... yeah, still no title for that. Until my next post, happy reading!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

It's A Heat Wave!

The heat is on here in Australia and I've been trying to get back into my reading; but I'm not. It's just too darn hot. 

So, instead, I've been working on cleaning out the home office where my book collection is instead. So far, I've gotten rid of two 'green' bags and brought the square pine coffee table upstairs into the room. This is a good thing as the living room now has more space than it did last year. 

And it took me about twenty minutes to get it up the stairs because a) it was heavy as hell and b) it was stinking hot that day; almost 40 degrees Celsius (104F). So, it took me a while to get just that done on its own. But it's not just that which has been taking me a while to get done... just cleaning the house has been taking a long time in itself. 

So, reading has become a task more than a pleasure; and the weather bureau says it'll be a little while longer before we come into cooler weather. 

I'm still struggling to write in my everyday journal - I'm starting posts, but finishing them is another thing. I hope you're all working better than I am in this heat... or if you're in the other side of the world and dealing with the other extreme (the freezing cold and that dreadful flu that's striking everyone down), I hope you're going okay there too. Until my next post, happy reading. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Opshop Goodies

I went out to drop off some bags of goods to the local Vinnies when I found out they were having a half-price sale.

What a great thing to stumble upon!

So, I walked around, had a good look at things and found the book section was well-stocked. I found 'The Stone & The Flute' by Hans Bemmann, 'Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks' by John Curran and 'To The Nines' by Janet Evanovich.
Three great books on three totally different subjects; I can't wait to read them. But I don't know when that'll be. 

However, when I was at the coast, I didn't get to go to any opshops, because they were all closed over the New Year period. This was kind of boring because where I was staying, the township lived off second-hand things - nobody bought brand new furnishings; not unless you drive some distance to one of the bigger towns. So, it was a very quiet time over the few days I was at Brunswick Heads.

Anyway, when I came home, I was right into the cleaning out, donating and looking at my garden again. And it's making such a difference. I'll be going through my house again to make it better this year too... as well as my book collection... until my next post, happy reading!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

A New Year of Reading!

It's a New Year and I'm back!

I hope you're all back here too. 

Well, I was hoping to write here over the New Year period on Mum's laptop at Brunswick Heads, but Dad kept walking past and asking: 'You still on that?' Well, yeah... that's what a writer does after 3 days of reading a book, writing poetry and sleeping in: we jump online to see what's been going on in the world.

I did have a great time down the coast. I got in and did some reading. I read over 82 pages of 'Life After Life' by Kate Atkinson in about 3 days. So far, it's a great book. I'm looking forward to reading more of it as this author is fantastic with her descriptions.
Then, I started Chapter 4  (page 98)of 'The Haunted Bookshop' by Christopher Morley; and only got to page 108 because I really need to concentrate to read this book - and it's such an old-fashioned book that I can't just sit and read a few pages and be done with it. I have to have a couple of hours to read a good 15 pages and really get into it.

Oh well. It doesn't matter how much I got read of that, so long I got something read of it. 

I also started a poetry book I titled 'Vertical Thoughts' and got a few poems written. I also got back into journaling again - which I'm happy about. It's nice to get back into the long-winded way of writing after a year of keeping things really short. The 'Day-by-Day, Page-by-Page' journal was interesting, but I did find it very restrictive. So, to get back into writing longer posts was a relief. 

So, do tell, what have you been reading - or writing - over the Christmas and New Year period? Did you get more than one book read? Or was is all family time and no reading done at all? Until my next post, happy reading!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Re-Reading Old Favourites

I love to re-read old favourites from my collection. But then, we all do. It's something of a comfort to do this kind of thing when you really don't want to be delving into anything new right now.

A lot of the times we do this when we have had a huge thing happen in our lives. When we've been dumped by that person who we thought was 'the one', we delve into our romance novels or the favourite Stephen King novel (and imagine the person who dumped us as the first person who gets killed in it. I don't know why, but this is a comforting thing for us to do). 

But re-reading our old standards is like slipping into a comfy pair of slippers on a cold night. It's the fact you know what's going to happen in each chapter, to each character and what's going on throughout the book. It's like rewatching your favourite television series, years after it's been yanked off the air... it's nice because it's a safe place to be. It's nice to see those actors at the very beginning of their careers and see them so young.

I like re-reading 'The Stand'. It's an old favourite of mine when I just want to sit back and read something in the middle of Winter. You see, this book is set in the middle of Summer, so it pulls me out of the blues and right in the middle of a horrendous cold and flu season, which turns lethal... but it does have a good lot of twisting and turning before it turns out right - as all books do.

Re-reading your old favourites is a good thing for you. It's not that you can't move on from them, I think it's because you want to set yourself up for something different; something more and something lovely in the future. Re-reading great books - just like re-watching old tv shows - is relaxing and fun. And it's something to kick back and chill out with... it winds us down and lets us know that we don't have to be working the old imagination all the time. Until my next post, happy reading.