Sunday, November 25, 2018

A Week On...

Well, I've been at the coast and there were a few teething problems with getting onto a computer there. 

But, there was always a way for me to write my book - always! I asked Dad if I could use his new computer and he said yep... and so I jumped on there and used the word processing program on it. 

At last count, I was around 16,000 - 19,000 words, right? Well, I'm almost up to 30,000 words now! Yes! While I was away from 'My Reading List', I pounded the keyboard whenever I could and worked through my 25,000 word badge! 

I'm so pleased with myself! 

This week, I'll be able to get through my other badges easily as I'll be here at home for them.

And if I can't? Well, at least I took part and worked my butt off getting as far as I could. You have to remember, it's fun doing it all. Until my next post, happy reading and writing.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Nudging 20,000!

Yep, I took 2 days off, forgot to take one of my medications (I have Epilepsy) and felt like crap for a day, and still I managed to throw out over 3,000 words and get the word count well over 19,000 words for NaNoWriMo!

This is a real achievement.

I took yesterday off too, and I'm going to work my butt off today and tomorrow afternoon during my volunteer work to get in and make sure I'm working harder on it than ever to get up to the 25,000 word mark. 

It's going to be a great thing when I do get this book finished... because I'm going to love editing and fleshing it out. It's the 3rd book of a series; some of which doesn't really connect with each other, but some of it does. 

Well, how's your NaNoWriMo going this month? How many words have you puked onto the page so far? 

Friday, November 9, 2018

15,000 Words!

Yay! I've passed this number and am still going strong - but I have been neglecting my house and so today, I went out and hit the gym, put away a huge pile of clean laundry and threw out the biggest bag of rubbish from my kitchen (and yes it stunk like you wouldn't believe!).

You see I have been eating well, sleeping so-so and trying to take care of myself by hitting the gym twice a week (if I can) and not taking any days off if I can help it. 

However, this week, I've taken one day off for a Christmas Party and then I'll be busy over the next week or two... this can't be helped.

So, I'm going to be trying to work on my book in longhand if I can, or on my tablet, and it should be worked on after if I can get in and do it. But I'm hoping to get through the 50,000 words before the end of the month, or by the end of the month... and if not, well, by Christmas. 

How is your word count doing? All good? I hope so. Okay... back to getting up that word count again... onwards and upwards towards that 20,000 words I go!

Monday, November 5, 2018

A Day Skipped - Well, Kinda!

Yesterday was Sunday... and I couldn't do NaNoWriMo - or could I? 

Okay, I was on a bus trip with an art gallery I do volunteer work at for our Christmas Party out of town and on the way to our destination, I pulled out a pen and paper and notes on Chapter 4.

What was going on.
Who was going where.
I asked questions about other characters.
I asked questions about the story.

It took a while and I was glad I did it.

You see, if I hadn't done that, I would have sat down today and thought: 'Now, what was I thinking yesterday? Oh, crap, shoulda written it down!' And seeing I did, I've covered my butt well and truly.

So, today, I'm going to write more than I would have yesterday because of those notes.

Oh... yeah I totally enjoyed yesterday's Christmas Party. We had a great time! We lost one person, found them, and stuffed ourselves full of food, saw some great murals around Toowoomba, Queensland, and slept on the way home.

There were some stories I could have written about that town, truly there are!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Day Two

Today, I struggled to remember some of the events which happened in the past two books. Pity, they were great to write and had fun characters.

I think it was because I had so much going on in my life this year that my mind has been somewhere else of late - but I'm having fun with this.

However, I did start a quick chapter 1 about a week ago to see how easy it was to start writing another book... and when I looked back on it again - that spoof chapter - I found it wasn't indepth enough. Thank the Gods I've taken some good notes for this next one.

I've kept my 'Encyclopedia of Angels' next to me and have had to Google a few things, but otherwise, I'm going well. 

How's your first few days of NaNoWriMo? All good, difficult or has the horrible Writer's Block hit you hard? 

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Day One

Today I started my writing late.

Yeah, I'm not going to worry too much about word count, and not going to stress about how late I'm going to go with this.

This month is going to be busy for me, and so I'm going to write when I can, as much as I can and see how far I get.

And if I get a long way - great - if I don't, well that's okay too. 

I know it's a huge challenge, but unlike last year, I'm not going to burn myself out to be the 50,000 word winner. My book will be finished and done and dusted when I'm ready for it to be.

So, how did you go today with your first day in? Me? Well, I didn't get far, but it doesn't matter, so long I got the story going, right? Until my next post, happy writing.