Saturday, October 29, 2011

October Book Buys!

This month, I've been pretty good at not buying books; well, that was up until the day before my brother's birthday when I spotted the full volume of 'The Chronicles of Narnia' by C.S Lewis in QBD for $9.95.  What a steal!  Now, I've only owned the second book in that series to read since I was a child and that was it; now I own them all; along with a full-colour poster in the back!  Very cool!
The other three books I purchased were all purchased on one day while I was going out to the doctors.  I had to buy something for a Bookcrossing Birthday Buddy and couldn't find any books on her wish list.  So, I went out to The Book Warehouse to see if there was anything there I could buy for her.  I did have 'How to Hepburn' by Karen Karbo in mind for her; it's funny, witty and very informative about Katharine Hepburn, however, I didn't know what else to get for somebody who is hard to buy for.  And the last few birthdays, I have bought her Jodie Picoult book collections; and I thought she may becoming a little tired of receiving those and I wanted to be different.  
So, I bought 'Thief: A Love Story' by Peter Carey for her and added that one into the box I sent her along with a block of Whitaker's Dark Chocolate with almonds, two hand-made book-baggies (my own invention), a mug I bought her, and a Bookcrossing book as well as a birthday card I bought from the Southbank Markets of two Rainbow Lorikeets sitting together on a branch (like two buddies do!).  I posted the box off on Wednesday last week and I hope it arrived safely.
Another book I bought on 24th, October was 'And Another Thing...: Douglas Adams's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Part Six of Three' by Eoin Colfer.  It was published two years ago; but I bought it for a little under $10.  A pretty good deal as I love Douglas Adams's work!  Such a funny man.
Well, they were the only books I bought this month; and they all had a purpose - thankfully!  Until next month's purchases, happy reading!

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