Monday, November 28, 2011

November Purchases

The next few days are going to be very lazy and very busy... in that very order.  So, I thought to jump in and get my few little purchases I have made over this month fitted into today before today got any hotter (as it has become very hot over the last month!)  
I purchased both my books on the same day.  How's that for efficient!  The first one was one I had to purchase because I was going to a baby shower for my cousin.  She's due next month and I thought a Baby Book would be just the thing to give her (and you know?  It was!  Nobody else bought her one).  This one is fun, beautiful and has recipes in it too; very much the baby book for either a boy or girl as the colours on the cover and inside the pages are yellow, green, pink and blue... very pretty and would suit either.  It even has an envelope for their first loch of hair; now that's something most baby books don't have.  I did see another one; however it was a memory box with a book inside it and it was horribly boring and bland.  So, I'm glad I purchased this one at Garden City (darn, I've forgotten the store!) for only $24.99.
My next book purchase was at QBD and I ordered it in.  I had heard that '11-22-63' by Stephen King was coming out on 8th, November on the news.  So, I called up the Garden City store and ordered my copy (hoping that this tome of a book - at 740 pages - would be more exciting than 'Under The Dome').  By pure chance, I hadn't used my QBD Book Voucher as yet; and so I took that with me.  And instead of paying $22.99, I paid only paid $14.99 thanks to that voucher!  I do love vouchers... they are fantastic.  I have been reading this book 30 - 40 pages at a time and finding it hard to close it as it's really a great story.  
So, what great books have you purchased - for your own pleasure or for presents? Did you happen to score them for a bargain or were they gifts from others?  Until my next post, happy reading!

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