Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The World Loses Maeve Binchy

The writing world has been losing a lot of authors of late; and in the last few weeks, we have lost two.  There has been Margaret Mahy from New Zealand, who is known to be a national treasure there; one of my friends - Ged Maybury - knew as a close friend and fellow author when he lived there.  She will be missed by many people of all ages.  Margaret is famous for her children's books - something I didn't know.  Some titles I have found familiar are: 'Organ Music', 'Maddigan's Quest' and I have seen the book cover of 'The Dark Blue 100-Ride Bus Ticket' once when somebody was reading it on a bus.  It looked like a cool cover and I wondered who the author was; and didn't know until I saw it on a site just now.
And now, we have lost Maeve Binchy only last night.  She was 72 years old and had suffered a short illness before she passed away.  Maeve has been famous for many books such as 'Tara Road', 'Circle of Friends' and 'Quentins' - the first two books were made into films.  
It's always sad to lose such great writers as these from our world because we feel as though they've left us only words to remember them by.  However, that's never the case.  What writers have left us - when they leave this world - is their legacy of works, for us to read, to remember and always go back to in case we miss them dearly, so we can talk to them again and revisit their worlds anytime we wish.  This is why they wrote - and why any writer writes - to leave behind a part of our world with you all (as I'm a writer as well) so you can always enjoy no matter where you are, who you are or what's going on in your life.  

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