Sunday, March 9, 2014

What Writer's Block Feels Like

It's been such a long time since I've written anything worthwhile.  Sure I've tried and there's been no flow, no great feeling that it's going to work... there's no there, there... you know what I mean?

I hope so.

I've been a writer for so long, that I've hate it when I hit a block in my creativeness in my writing world.  I causes me to stop sleeping, I find myself watching hours of horror movies to get ideas, no book I pick up to read is good enough so I give up on reading too.  I basically die a little inside and become depressed to a point where each day seems to bleed into the next... it all seems as though I'm doing the same shit, different day.

Sounds really depressing and horrible doesn't it?

And I won't lie to you, it is.

But I often just get in and do some housework, do a huge pile of laundry, re-arrange my garden (I have a container garden, so it's easy for me) and then, I get into my art, listen to music for hours on end and keep my hands busy as much as I can and work on Facebook and write flash fiction on Chuck Wendig's 'Terrible Minds' site until my mojo comes back... and not that it sucks, but I'd rather be working on my stuff that I created from my imagination than prompts that I'm getting from another person.

No offence Chuck.  I appreciate your prompts - they're cool.. they keep me on the wagon of writing.  But really, I want to write my own stuff, my own characters I created again.

And over the last three days, I've gone and done that.  I plugged in the thumb drive the other afternoon while I sipped on a home made ice coffee with my cordless phone by my side and looked at the last chapter - just quickly scanned it really - and then, I rested my hands on the keyboard ... and I began writing the next part of Fry Nelson!



I didn't stop!

I'm only about four chapters or so off finishing my Fry Nelson: Bounty Hunter trilogy.  And I'm damned well stoked!  It's my first lot of books I've actually stuck with and finished... other books are half-finished and I haven't gone back and even attempted to complete any of them.  And once this is completed?  Well, there will be another year of me re-reading it all and editing before I give the three books to other people to read.  Until my next post, happy reading. 


  1. Not writing? ...and exactly how many blogs is it you feed???

    1. I have 8 blogs.

      However, I haven't been near them either... so I've been quiet on them too.