Sunday, September 13, 2015

Book Count... Woah!

This afternoon, after I turned off the computer, I turned around and looked at my home office and started counting the books.

I didn't plan this, it just happened.

About 45 minutes later, I sat down and calculated the number of books in each bookcase with my mobile and came up with the approximate number of books I have in this room alone:  1,271!

Woah! That's a huge number of books to have piled in a rather orderly fashion in this room alone - and I didn't count the ones in my bedroom or living room or kitchen.

So, have you counted the books in your home office collection? I know this number doesn't seem significant, but seeing I live in a townhouse, and am trying to keep the collection to just one room, I'm doing quite well. And let's see how many of you guys and gals have a great collection of books... do tell us just how many you have lining your walls, halls and bedrooms in your house? Until my next post, happy reading.


  1. Oh my goodness, I have no idea! Counting old yearbooks from high school and college, photo albums, husband's collection of gardening books (which he never reads), old encyclopedias, textbooks, plus books I thought I "should" read but probably won't, and then the books I do plan to read ... My goodness!

  2. Whoa, that is a lot of books. I've never counted my book collection... I have so many ebooks, audiobooks, and physical books. But I have never thought of counting them all. It seems to overwhelming to do so. Plus, so many of my books are registered on Bookcrossing that I am not even sure if I should count them as part of my permanent collection or not as I think of Bookcrossing books as transient.