Sunday, July 10, 2016


Once in a while, I can't sleep. So, I'm up really late at night reading or writing to get myself tired enough to get to sleep. A lot of the time, whatever I write normally is just detail stuff on a book or a poem and it's something that's been bothering me since last week - silly really.

However, there are times I get in and write a poem. I think it's the silence of the unit complex, or the way my brain works when I haven't slept for a few nights. But I kick out a very cool poem or two before I turn out the light.

The problem is that I sometimes I misplace the books I have written the poems in for a few months; and then suddenly find them! And that's always like finding a piece of treasure when that happens, because I sit down and read what I've written from that sleepless night to find I've written either a lovely piece of writing, or something I wouldn't bother showing anyone!

Last night, I was working on my book about books and came up to the part where I wanted to talk about poetry. However, I didn't know how long I've been writing poetry for and had to dig around the office to find it all. Strangely, I've lost a few books. I know they're somewhere around the office; so seeing I don't throw out any of my work (which makes me a paper collector too), I'm sure to find all of my poetry at some point soon. 

So, do you write poetry? If so, what kind of work do you write? I'm a concise poet - a writer of word pictures, small poems which aren't too long, but strongly-worded. These are difficult to achieve, but I do enjoy getting in and doing them when I have the time because they're a challenge. I love to read sonnets, ballads and funny poetry (Pam Ayres is one who makes me laugh). Until my next post, happy reading.


  1. I've tried writing poetry, but am not good at it.

    I read your book of poetry that you self published a few years back. It was good. I wild released it through Bookcrossing, but it hasn't surfaced since I released it. It would be interesting to read what other readers think of your book of poetry too.

    1. Aaah, yes! 'People, Time & Places'. I remember doing that just before Authorcrossing folded. And I also remember deleting that book just before it did fold because I had a bad feeling about it (me and my bad feelings; sometimes they ring true, sometimes they don't - but that time, they did!).

      I totally enjoyed working on that one. But I have found 95% of my poetry and would love to work on another book to get it published... as I still write at the ungodly hours of the night and turn out some poems that aren't too bad.