Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Opshop Goodies

I went out to drop off some bags of goods to the local Vinnies when I found out they were having a half-price sale.

What a great thing to stumble upon!

So, I walked around, had a good look at things and found the book section was well-stocked. I found 'The Stone & The Flute' by Hans Bemmann, 'Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks' by John Curran and 'To The Nines' by Janet Evanovich.
Three great books on three totally different subjects; I can't wait to read them. But I don't know when that'll be. 

However, when I was at the coast, I didn't get to go to any opshops, because they were all closed over the New Year period. This was kind of boring because where I was staying, the township lived off second-hand things - nobody bought brand new furnishings; not unless you drive some distance to one of the bigger towns. So, it was a very quiet time over the few days I was at Brunswick Heads.

Anyway, when I came home, I was right into the cleaning out, donating and looking at my garden again. And it's making such a difference. I'll be going through my house again to make it better this year too... as well as my book collection... until my next post, happy reading!

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