Thursday, May 18, 2017

Second-Hand vs Brand New

To me, a book is a book, no matter where it comes from. It tells me a story and I love the written word - but I'm very much a traditionalist and enjoy the textile feel and smell - the very scent and odour - of a real book in my hands. 

However to a lot of people, it's not a book unless the spine hasn't been cracked. And I for one don't understand why I should spend so much money on a book when a second-hand book is just as good as a brand new one - just a little more used and little older. 

So, seeing I buy a lot of my reading material at second-hand book stores and at markets, it made me wonder if where you get books makes a difference.

More often than not, I've seen garage sales filled with reading material which people have collected and found none of their family wants. And this also has me wondering what will happen to my collection as I age (and believe me, I'm getting to a point where I have to stop worrying about it). 

But really, as I wandered around the Vinnies and the Salvation Army stores at Stones Corner today here in Brisbane, I wondered quietly to myself: who donated these books, where did they come from and are some of these from a deceased estate? I found it kind of sad that these books will end up in landfill if they're not sold at these charity stores. 

So, does it make a difference if your books come from a charity store, second-hand store or book exchange or if you buy them brand new or online? Or is it all the same, so long you can read it? Until my next post, happy reading.


  1. I like books whether they are new or used or come in audiobook format or digitally whether they are ebooks or audiobooks from Audible... The only parameters I have for used books are as follows:

    * No funky smells like mildew or have other funky/questionable smells.

    * No mystery stains.

    * No hi-lighting or writing in the margins.

    * Not overly beat up in any way.

  2. I like second hand books because I like the idea of someone or someones reading it before me. What did they think? Did they enjoy it? What is that weird stain?

    1. Have you heard about Bookcrossing? It's a way to share books with others around the world and learn their thoughts about the same books you want to read.