Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Winter Reading

Winter has finally come to Brisbane for the next few weeks - or days - and we've all broken out the winter woolies and have snuggled down in our duvets late at night reading books before we turn out the light (if we ever do!).

As for me, I've been busily editing two books and they're both going so well, I've simply forgotten to come and tell you guys about it all. 
The first book is a book filled with the Flash Fiction from around 2014. But it's not just any flash fiction. I've added on what the story really does finish like at the end - or I've filled it out more in the middle - so it either makes more sense, or makes you want to read more about it. This also makes my reader want to get onto my blog for flash fiction and compare the two to see which one they like better - the blog one I tossed up onto the internet after working on it for around fifteen minutes, or the edited one I worked on for two hours to make it sound more finished with all the spelling mistakes and grammar fixed. 

Then, I've been working on my NaNoWriMo book from last year titled: 'The Tour Guide'. This was initially a working title and it took on something of a life of its own after I started out on it; which is strange because usually I'll begin a piece of writing in this month of writing, and I'll absolutely hate it. Then, it'll grow on me very suddenly and I'll be right into it. So, the working title of 'The Tour Guide' became the title of it in the end. 
Well, I found this book on my tablet and started reading it when I wanted to know what was on my 'Notebooks' on the apps. Once I remembered that I wrote this, I realised I simply had to finish this book completely and make sure I got it published. So, I've been editing this book as well.

I've also been reading late at night before bed, instead of being on the internet. I find I'm sleeping better than if I'm on the computer for an hour. So, I'm up to the last two chapter of 'The Bee-Loud Glade' by Steve Himmer and I've just begun '84 Charing Cross Road' by Helene Hanff. The latter book is one of my all-time favourites I just simply love to read. It's not a huge thick book, but it's a charmingly sweet classic with its first letter starting on my birthday, but I'm not born in 1949. I love books set in a time without computers, without all the complications of the modern world. It helps me slow down with everything around me speeding up so much.

Well, that's what I've been doing for the past week. Editing and reading... at long last on the last one! So, what are you reading this Winter - or Summer, if you're in the Northern Hemisphere? How many books have you gotten read this year? I haven't gotten that many books read, but that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about books all the time. Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. It's been blazing hot here in the Northern Hemisphere where I live... I am about an hour inland from San Francisco.... San Francisco is much cooler though being on the ocean and all.

    Been busy reading. I've finished 101 reads this year. The most I've finished so early in the year. I am currently reading a nonfiction book containing all of John Steinbeck's letters/journal entries he kept while writing East of Eden. It is intriguing to read an authors thoughts about the book he is writing.

    Your flash fiction and Nanowrimo book sound good.

  2. Are you still doing your crafty pegs too??? Aside from reading and blogging, I've been busy knitting like crazy... I knit mostly for myself and family members or friends. I'd love to start selling items at craft fairs or online through Etsy some day.

    1. Oh yes! I'm still doing Crafty Pegs. I took 2 years off to regroup and get my financial part of it together again. And doing that has made me wonder exactly why I stopped doing it in the first place! I loved getting out there in the cold, the heat, the storms and other times of the year. But I've had time to go to art school, look into my savings and make a good go at what other things I'd like to do as well - which is good.

      I've been going to art school as well in my local area and have learned how to work with oil paints. If you'd like to read more about it, go to my Crafty Pegs blog and you can read about Aaron Pocock and the Logan Artists Association... I've also put up a painting I've been working on there too through Pinterest.