Sunday, August 27, 2017

Spring Reading

I haven't done much reading this year - and that's something I really want to change over the next few months.

So, I've begun reading 'One-In-A-Million Boy' by Monika Wood. It's an ARC copy book my late-Grandmother's cousin gave me (as her daughter is in the publishing industry and gets them through her work) and once she reads them, well, she accumulates them in her garage. Now, she knows I love these books, she gives them to me to read and collect. I'm enjoying this one so far as it's based in one of my favourite parts of the world: Maine, USA. I've only seen pictures of the place, but I think it's a pretty place to base a book or a movie.

Then, I'd like to read 'The Shining' and 'Doctor Sleep' - in that order; as Sai King has been working hard on a lot of work since his accident. Nothin' like almost dying to get the creative juices running again, right? Well, I know how it feels - being a person who lives with Epilepsy and has almost died a few times from this condition myself! 

So, there's some of the books I'm hoping to get my nose into during the warmer Spring months. I'm not making any promises on how fast I'll be reading them, but they'll be read at the pace my brain wants me to read them. 

I'm also still editing 'The Tour Guide' and working on other written works like 'Angel Love' too. So, there's still a bit of work on my plate with books - written and from my own collection. 

So, do tell, what are you planning on reading over the next few months as the seasons either become warmer or cooler? I'd love to know. Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. The weather will be coming cooler here in North America!! I've been reading like crazy this year and have completed 132 reads so far and August isn't over with yet... I had so many books in my 'to be read pile and I am always changing my line up, so it's difficult to say for sure what be reading for sure...

    1. I know the feeling. I've got a huge pile on my Mt TBR, and yet I'm not touching any of them! And I didn't knock over any books until the middle of this year - where I read 4 books in a month and a half! Now, I'm really getting back into reading again all because I'm at the end of writing a book - and man does that take a lot out of my reading time!

      Otherwise, I'm hoping to read Ruth Park's two-part autobiography over the Summer. Sounds great, doesn't it?