Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Handbook of Ancient Wisdom by Cassandra Eason

'This very different book pulls together around forty different kinds of magic from all over the world.  By following the wise ways of our ancesters and learning how natural healing may be used to focus our energies and strengthen our intuition onto a path which could lead us to a better life.' This is similar to what's written on the back of the book. 

What a book.  I don't remember when I bought this book; however it's been a font of knowledge, myth and legend all in one place.  Some of it has been interesting, some of it is Dreamtime and other parts of it is something to take with a grain of salt.  But all of it is most definitely makes for interesting reading.  I do remember that I needed a book that covered a lot of things that covered myths and legends in our time for on of my sci-fi fantasy novels I was writing at the time; and it never left my shelves. However, I've only picked at this book at best when I've needed a myth or legend confirmed.
Cassandra Eason is a practicing pagan who has written about this subject; however on her site, she doesn't mention any titles.  I've had a look at her official website and it seems to be selling a lot of things but I couldn't find anything anywhere about her life.  So, I'll just leave her official website on the sidebar until I find a better site to add to it.

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