Friday, June 25, 2010

June Book Buys 2010

Well, it's the end of the month; and you all know what that means!  Yep, it's a cover of what I've bought this month.  Most of what I've been buying is for the piano and my learnings; so it's not all that exciting.

The first books I bought this month were on 5th, June while I was wandering around Brisbane visiting the GoMA and being a tourist in my hometown.  I just thought to kill two birds with one

stone and spend a good few hours wondering around at 'Archives' bookstore on Charlotte Street and I found myself two lovely books.  The first is 'Pianoforte Course: Preliminary Grade' it's a 1976 print and hasn't been very useful yet.  But I think I'll get some better use out of it soon.  The other one I found at the same shop is 'Schmitt Op. 16 Preparatory Exercises for the Piano' by Schirmer Inc. This one helps with
having my hands/fingers moving over the keys at the same time and playing the same notes; but my left hand is an octave lower than middle C (for all of you out there who know what I'm talking about, you know when you're beginning, that's hard!).
The third book I bought in the city that day was from Allan's Music on the Queen Street Mall.  This is a fantastic music store that sells everything to do with music and musical instruments.  So, I knew I had found the right place a few months back when I showed up there.  I bought 'John Thompson's Modern Course for Piano:  The First Grade Book'.  I have managed to play three songs from this book without using the c.d in the back!  How good is that?  It was well worth the $19.99 I spent on it.  And I'll be going back in due course when I need more music from them.
The next time I bought a book was at Garden City's QBD.  I had ordered in 'The Golden City' by John Twelve Hawks.  Now, it's only just been published on a limited publishing run and so this is why I decided to get it now instead of waiting for later and find out it's not in print anymore (and this has
happened to me before).  I bought this book only days after I purchased the music books.  I also purchased a little figurine of 'Clifford' the Dog... he now watches over my Reading List as it grows.  Isn't he such a cutie?

Well, until the next time I go out and stock up on my already overflowing collection of books, keeping reading. 


  1. Clifford! I love Clifford! I looked up The Golden City and it looks like it's the last book in the series. How did you like the rest of the series?

    Also, I noticed that your picture from your header has a Tony Hillerman book in it. I love him! He sometimes wrote about my hometown in his mysteries so it takes me back to home whenever I read his books. :)

  2. Carin, I received that particular book for my birthday last year; and have yet to read it (as with a good percentage of my book collection!). I do look forward to getting my nose into its pages.

    I bought 'The Golden City' because of its limited print run; also I have the first two and didn't want to miss out on what happened next. And seeing I like 'The Traveller', I'm hoping the other two books will be just the same

    And yeah, I just had to add Clifford's photo into here. He's a literary dog and now, he's guarding my real Reading List by the door of the home office, making sure I read as many books as I add to it. Isn't he a cutie?