Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Traveller by John Twelve Hawks

Michael and Gabriel Corrigan are brothers in trouble; big trouble, and they don't realise it.  For their whole lives, they have been on the run and have been fed stories about Harlequins and Travellers and how the Vast Machine is controlling everyone on the planet; and how it will eventually catch up with them if they don't stay off the Grid.  So, their family lived most of their lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere without electricity, no television or even a radio and the boys were kept out of school as well; being home schooled instead.  This was going okay until the fateful night the ripped their family apart and had them on the run again; the night their father vanished into the night leaving their mother to pack what was left of their destroyed house into the car and to keep them on the run again.
It's years later and Michael and Gabe have grown up to believe whatever they want.  But, while Gabe is careful about his life, Michael isn't.  Both have money and have achieved a lot in their lives and all the freedom they have is about to come to a grinding halt very quickly when they find out the stories they were told about Harlequins and Travellers while growing up are all true.  However, only one of the men is a true Traveller - who has it in his blood - while the other has it chemically implanted into him by the Brethren; the people who ran the Vast Machine.  The main question is:  who is the true traveller and who isn't?

I bought this book last year when I heard great reviews about it.  Then, when my Reading List here at home got chocka-block with other reading, I had to put it to one side.  Then the second book came out ('The Dark River') and I thought to leave it until the third book came out so I could read the whole trilogy all at once.

Well, there's nothing in the book that gives away much to who John Twelve Hawks is.  So, I'll just write what's in the back:

'John Twelve Hawks lives off the grid.'

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