Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Roald Dahl Day

The best storyteller in the world is having a birthday soon!  It's Roald Dahl and his birthday is next Monday, 13th, September!  
This is known as Roald Dahl Day in the UK and throughout the country they will be celebrating all kinds of things to commemorate this wonderful writer!  This writer was one who I read when I was growing up; and some of my favourites was 'The BFG' and 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.  What were yours?  Did you collect all of his books, see all of his movies.  Were you fortunate enough to meet the man himself?  If so, leave a comment below and tell us your experience.
For more information about this wonderful day to remember and celebrate on the world's best story-teller's, click on Roald Dahl's link on the sidebar and it will take you straight there!  Or you can organise your own Roald Dahl celebrations for that day.


  1. I remember reading "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" in fourth grade. I remember "The BFG" a little bit but not as much as "Charlie." (BTW, I've seen both versions of the movie that were based on that book.)

    And speaking of birthdays on the 13th, that's the same date as my sister's. (She's turning 30 this year.)

  2. Me too, ModMouse. I had an older brother who used to pick on me about 'The BFG' by calling him 'The Big Farting Giant' and not the Big Friendly Giant. But that's brothers for ya! And 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' was always the one which was prised from my hand whenever I decided to read in bed because I'd fall asleep with it tightly gripped while I 'read'. I read the second book so much, it fell apart... hehe.

  3. it is sad to say that my childhood was bereft of roald dahl... and i have never corrected the error... perhaps one day i will go and explore lots of literary greats... i did do tolstoy... not as imaginative as roald dahl... but still emotive...

    hope you are well... take care from Catherine

  4. I absolutely adored Roald Dahl as a child, and then later as a teenager when I discovered his stories for adults which are fantastic and wicked. I have many of his books and will definitely be reading them to my children when they are a bit older.