Saturday, October 16, 2010

Horrific Reading Time!

I find that I read a lot more towards the end of the year; and this year is no acception.  This is especially in October when All Hallow's Eve is around, and my selection of reading become a little darker.  I tend to get my nose into horror, suspense and vampire romance just for kicks.
This year, I put my name down for a book spiral.  This is where I'm sent a whole series of books to read in one hit; then I pass them onto the next person on the list on Bookcrossing it's such a great thing to get into and a wonderful way to get yourself reading a lot of books without having to search your Mt To Be Read for inspiration.  And this book spiral is called 'The Midnight Breed' spiral; a vampire romance one, with a bit of action kicked into it for a change.  It's hot and saucy, but it's got the violence that's expected from the traditional vampires with their own kind of legend spun in for fun.
Another book I may get my nose into is 'Spooky South' a collection of short stories that have been collated and retold by an author from the Southern States in America.  What a great book this will be for Halloween too.

So, what kind of spooky reading to you get into at this time of year?  Or do you stick to your normal reading routine? 


  1. I'll probably stick to my normal "reading" routine. I do my reading in the order that I have listed on my "To Be Read" list on my reading blog, if not in the order that I register/add to my "bookshelf" on Bookcrossing.

    The book I'm currently reading is called "The Promise" by Danielle Steel. As I have decided that Tuesday will be my designated "out and about" day as of next week, I'm hoping to get the book finished in time to release it this coming Tuesday.

  2. Sounds really cool! I love scary books. Enjoy!!!

  3. StephTheBookworm: Thanks. I do enjoy Halloween... it's a wonderful time of the year to get all dressed up and into the character of scariness. I'm hoping that I can get my hands on a pumpkin to carve and some other new things for the house. And seeing I'm zooming through the first book at the moment, well, I'm sure I'll get through the other five just as quickly. :D

  4. Even though I have no particular plans for "spooky reading", during the time of Bookcrossing's Oct.-Nov. read-a-thon, I'm going to be writing a series of posts on my reading blog that will parody the "Saw" movie series. (I've seen clips of it and some parodies on YouTube, but judging by what I've seen of the snippets, the actual movies would be too gory for my taste.) In the posts, I'm going to pretend that "ModMouse" (a.k.a. Bookcrossing me) has been trapped into a room in which the door has 24 locks on it. As an hour of reading is fulfilled, a lock will come undone. The deadline to read enough to undo all of the locks will be when the clock strikes midnight on the Thursday night when the read-a-thon ends. If any locks remain active, the ones remaining will release a fatal red gas (representing failure), and it'll be "game over".

    Sounds overdramatic, I know. But, I keep getting distracted during the read-a-thons and therefore have yet to fulfill the 24 hours. I usually report the hours of reading I complete on my blog, along with any books that I read during that time. However, the reports aren't all that exciting, and there were times when I didn't report every day. I'm hoping the approach I take for the October-November read-a-thon will shake things up a bit (as well as give me incentive to keep up with the reading and/or be consistent with the reports).