Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Birthday Presents!

Today is my birthday!  And I had a great one!  Mum took me out to lunch and I received a $50 QBD Book Voucher, a $50 voucher to the Normanby Hotel in the city from Triple M, a coffee voucher from a place I know well, lunch at the Runcorn Tarvern (Mum paid) and we sussed out a nice new dvd player for me at WOW... not bad.  
Other pressies I scored are a couple of USB sticks, a Rockaways music voucher and a book from Dad by a local author titled 'The Riders' War: Battle For Today' by M A Clarke; and he got her to sign it too!  I'm looking forward to reading this one and telling you guys about it.  I hear she's currently working on a new one that follows this one.  So, I'll see how this book is and - if it's as good as the blurb says - I'll track down the next one.
I had dinner at Mum and Dad's place and came home early.  Well, that's all from me for now.  Just thought to let you guys know of my pressies this year for my birthday.


  1. Thanks ModMouse... I had a great day; and a late night. And today, we're picking up the new home theatre system... can't wait! :D