Monday, June 27, 2011

June Book Buys!

Just like last month, I didn't have the urge to buy a book until the last few weeks of the month; and what great purchases I grabbed!  The reason for this is because I didn't get to go out until I went to my Chiropractor's and the best book buys I find are over at Springwood's Book Warehouse where the prices are a quarter of what they are retail.  How can I shop anywhere else when I can get an absolute bargain there?
My first purchase wasn't anywhere near a bookstore; it was at Life Line at Logan Central.  I had to it up to $5.00 for efpos and so, I perused the store and found 'The Mambo Kings' by Oscar Hijuelos.  I've always wanted to read this book as it was turned into a film; and I have the movie poster as well because it looked so hot!  And now, I have it, there's no excuses for me not to read it!
Before I bought that one, I found the place closed, so I wandered to 'Sam's Warehouse' and found 'Vampire Academy' by Richelle Mead.  It cost me $11.99, but it was worth it.  Besides, if I don't like it, I can always register it on Bookcrossing and offer it up for grabs; no great loss.  And I'll do that after I write a review on it here... hehe.
When I walked out of 'Sam's Warehouse', I found 'The Book Warehouse' had opened up again.  The shopkeeper must have stepped out for one reason or another, so I went in and had a quick look around and found the second book of a trilogy I've been looking for: 'The Temporal Void' by Peter F Hamilton.  I have now have the second and third books of this trilogy; all I need now is the first one and I can read them all in sequence.  How good is that?  Might get in and ask at QBD and see if they have it or can order it in for me in the next few months.  I'm in no rush to grab it - as you can see from my post below I have plenty of books to choose from to read right now; I won't mind the wait to read this trilogy.  Well, until my next post, Happy Reading!


  1. These are FABULOUS finds! I have the first two, but not the third one. So now I'm going to hunt it down! They probably have it on Amazon.

    A few months ago, I went to see Oscar Hijuelos, at a book signing here in Miami! (Well, actually, in the city of Coral Gables, which is very close -- one city blends right into the other...) He was signing copies of the sequel to "The Mambo Kings". The book is titled "Beautiful Maria of My Soul". Well, I went to the bookstore, which is called, approprtitely enough, "Books and Books", and bought the book, which he then signed for me! He gave a presentation, too, before the signing. I then went ahead and ordered the first book on Amazon, since I didn't already have it.

    Well, happy reading to you, too! : )

  2. Oh you lucky thing! To meet the author and to have him sign your book too! :D

  3. What a heavenly day - to go from book place to book place and finding goodies like that. Almost as much fun spending a day curled up with a bood book.