Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August Book Buys!

This month, I didn't start my book-buying until around the middle of the month - how good have I been?  Exceptional if you ask me.  Also, I've been been reading some great books while the sun has been out and the winds have been nice and cool this month.  Buying my books have also been a hard task of making sure I'll get in and read them.
The first two books are from the Book Warehouse at Springwood and were well worth their prices.  There was 'Other Colours' by Orhan Pamuk; which is the the short stories and essays of a Turkish author who lives in Istanbul.  As you can see from the review below you can tell I absolutely adored the book; I wallowed in its beauty and breathed in the words like oxygen, and I do hope you find a copy and do likewise.  The next book I bought on the same day (19/8/2011), 'The Book of Tomorrow' by Cecelia Ahern is yet to be read by me.  I read the back of it and thought it sounded brilliant; and so bought it and now it's on my Mt TBR - well, okay, one of them! 
Then this week, I was out and about at Garden City running some errands, and I couldn't walk past QBD to check out 'Red Dog'.  However, at $19.95, I couldn't afford it.  One shelf down, I found 'One Last Dance: Patrick Swazye' by Wendy Leigh for $6.99 and got both books held until I had been to the bank.  When I returned, I handed 'Red Dog' back and bought 'One Last Dance' all due to the price.  I thought I may ask for it for my birthday (as I've only just seen the movie last week and loved it!).  While I was walking around Garden City, I checked in on The Book Cafe - to see if they had a cheaper copy of 'Red Dog' in store and stumbled upon a first edition of 'Journey From Venice' by Ruth Cracknell for $12.00!  What a steal!  So, I bought that and ended up with two great books for my day out (as well as the things I had on my list for the day) before coming home by bus.  But the strangest thing happened that afternoon.  Mum and Dad dropped by and Mum handed me a bag from a bookstore down the coast and - what did it have inside it? - a copy of 'Red Dog'!  I laughed and told her I almost bought it earlier that day; but was put off by the price!  Now was that fate or what?
Today, I was out at The Book Warehouse at Springwood (on my way to see the doctors about an allergic reaction to some shampoo I had used) and I found 'Thomas Jefferson Travels: Selected Writings 1784 - 1789' Edited by Anthony Brandt which I purchased for the great price of $5.00!  I love these books about famous people's writings and travels from those times; as it gives a great insight of what life was like back then, how they lived, traveled and worked.
So, this month, I've been good and thoughtful in what I've purchased in my reading material.  Which books have you added to your collection?  Were they well-thought out or something you grabbed at the last minute and they totally surprised you in the end?  Until my next post, happy reading!

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  1. Sounds like you have smart about your book purchases. Good for you! Some great steals!