Sunday, April 8, 2012

Getting Oranised! Part Two!

My home office isn't all that big, but tidying it up has become a larger job than I first thought.  Yesterday, I got stuck into my 4th bookcase; this is the little one by the window which is also known as my non-fiction bookcase.  This one is chock-a-block full of my books that are mainly reference books.  Some of them are too big for this bookcase and have been moved to the lower to shelves of the 3rd bookcase by the door.
I also thought to tackle Grandpa's Desk.  This is next to my 4th bookcase; so made it easier for me to tidy up.  However, moving everything out of the way was the hardest thing of all.  I had a few bits of furniture in the hall and four bags of books too before I did any real work; and the place looked like a paper factory exploded in it.  But by the end of the two hours I was here, I had the whole thing organised.  
My bulkier stationery was in the bottom of Grandpa's desk, my magazines where in a place I could lay my hands on them, as were my books.  Everything is now within easy reach.  Now, to move onto the next part of this office... the floor.  It still looks dreadful.
Have you needed to tidy up an office like this and it took longer than expected?  If so, how long did it take?  Was it worth it, or did it go back to how it looked before?  Until my next post, happy reading!

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