Saturday, April 7, 2012

Getting Oranised!

Now, around mid-last year, I wrote an article here about how many books I had in my collection; and surprised myself when I found I was nearing the 1,000 mark.  Now I have over that number, and it's 2012, it's time to organise this office so that I can accommodate more books if need be.
Yesterday afternoon, I worked in here for two hours figuring out the best way to fit my books in, sort out books I didn't want anymore and throwing out some that weren't needed.  And I found that it was as matter of placing certain books in their own sections and making sure I had the space for others.
I have had my late-Grandparents' books sitting around in a corner of their own for a long time; and thought it was time to let them have the entire shelf.  And now, they have that shelf.  They are double parked but look good! 
My journals had to swap shelves with the photo albums as albums just didn't physically fit the bottom shelf of the saggy bookcase.  Now, they look good; and there's only two albums that need more space because they are massive and can't fit anywhere else but on a very tall bookcase near the door.
I had to re-organise the top of the saggy bookcase because I found the books that were there were organised badly; with the small books on the bottom an big ones teetering on the top.  With this bookcase leaning about two inches from the wall (through its own dynamics and no fault of my own), I really needed to fix how the books were organised on it.  So, I pulled them all down and did exactly what I hoped I wasn't going to do:  I bumped one and it fell down the back of the bookcase, getting stuck halfway down!  I had to unload the rest of the top of the bookcase, pull out the doorstop under the front right leg and rock it forward so the book slid down and over my way.  Once out, and I had the doorstop back under it, I stacked the larger books on the bottom and made my way to the top  with the smaller books up against the wall.  It looks a lot more stable and better now.
I've still got a long way to go on this collection this weekend; as I only got about a quarter way through re-organising them.  But I did make a difference in how it looks and how this home office feels.  And this place doesn't feel so cluttered and crowded anymore - and that's a great feeling.  
Have you ever had a problem with storing your books and found a solution without throwing any out?  If so, share your great solution with us.  Until my next post, happy reading.

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