Saturday, June 8, 2013

Most Collected Books

Collecting books is something of a weakness.  As you've all most probably read at some point, I've got quite a collection of books - nudging toward the 1,000 number mark - and I'm still somehow finding places for the books I keep on buying and acquiring from all over the place.

However, there are certain books and authors I just find an absolute pleasure to collect.  When friends and family drop around to my place - which isn't very often, and it should be more often as a few of them do like it here but it's so tiny - they find the book collection one very big attraction.  I've had people say it's a very claustrophobic experience, while others have forgotten how small my office is and just jumped in spotting a book they've not read since they there at school and pulling it off the shelf.  After they've marveled at the book they ask me where I got it, how much it was and if I've read it.  Most times, there's stories that go with the books and how I get them; and also most times I haven't read the books they're handling.  This really stumps my family as to why I have a book in the first place: why have a book if I'm not going to read it immediately?

I will read it, but not right now.  There's others to read at the moment.  

But I do have a few collections of certain authors around this tiny room.  There's Stephen King, JRR Tolkien, Robin Hobb and a couple of Richard Dawkins' books.  These authors have their own shelves and I've tried to keep them together - which is really hard - but it's worth it when a friend asks me if I have a certain book of Stephen King's and I can look at his shelf and say if I do or not.  
The funny thing is that I'm often asked if I keep my books in some kind of order.  And even though it looks quite messy, I actually do.  I make sure it's nice and tidy to look at, and I know where everything is; and once somebody knows where things are, they can see my messy madness of organisation in my bookcases... who needs the dewey system when you have the Mozette system... hehee.. but then, there's other ways of organising books too.  

So, how do you organise your books?  Do you have a big enough collection to organise into sections of subject, author or colour of the book cover?  Or is you collection in a big mess?  Or is it in an organised mess like mine?  Until my next post, happy reading.

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