Thursday, February 13, 2014

Writing Groups and Genres

A new year has begun, and so I have joined another group to keep myself active.  This year, I thought to get my romance and erotic fiction looked at by other writers of that genre.  And seeing I write erotica, they found, at the first group, it was kind of.... strong.

However, I wasn't pushed away and they had a great laugh over it and asked a lot of questions about the who of the main character and a lot of why's... and who her lover was; that they wish to see him in the next chapter.

So, I'm in!  

This month, I'm meeting up with them again at the end of the month and hoping to see what they think of the first two huge chapters of my book... which are really short stories within themselves.  

So, what have you been doing to keep yourself busy in the writing world?  I've also picked up the Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Friday again - such fun! - so that's very cool.  I'm also doing the Creative Markets and am still volunteering at the Logan Art Gallery... yep, lots of things to keep me busy.  And, I'm still getting my nose into a book when I can too.  Until my next post, happy reading.


  1. I think it would be a hoot to write erotica fiction as I read erotica novels and short stories on occasion and review them on my blog.... BUT I think I'd be too embarrassed to write erotica and have others read it at a writing group meet-up (unless the writing group was devoted to erotica, but that's a small niche).

    1. hahaa... it is a lot of fun writing erotic fiction. However, my book has been finished for about 3 years; and I have been shy in showing it to anyone (actually nobody knows I wrote it until recently when one of my friends asked me what I've been up to and asked about the title I told her about; she wanted to know more).
      The next thing I knew, I was invited to a romance writers group and they asked for a sample of my work and when I arrived - talk about nervous! I wondered what everyone thought of my first 500 words, seeing I hadn't heard from any of them. They were ... um... telling me that my work was heavy and totally different to what they thought it would be... and refreshing from the normal Mills & Boon romances. So, that's something.

      And yeah, I know, it probably won't sell. But it's just a bit of smut that I've written. :P