Saturday, February 1, 2014

Going Digital

I've been streamlining a few things around my place, as you know, and this includes my cookbooks.

Now, I have my own personal cookbook where I write down my own inventions and meals I cook.  Yeah, I love to cook my meals from scratch.  So, if there's a meal I've learned to cook, but I like to try another type of herb in it and I find it works, I'll write it into my cookbook instead of changing the original cookbook recipe.  

This is all well and good, until I'm at a friend's house and they want to cook something I like and I know the name of my recipe, but don't remember how to cook it.
Since I received an Acer Android Tablet for Christmas, I've uploaded a few apps to it.  And one of those I've looked for just yesterday was a recipe book app.  This isn't just any recipe book app... it's one which is empty, and I fill it with my recipes from my cook books that I like and have cooked.

Well, 'My Recipe Box Pro' is a good app which I downloaded to the tablet.  It already has 7 recipes on the app - all from the USA - and I can add my own, share them on Facebook and with friends and all I have to do is type in my recipes.  It looks great.  The next one up from this one, allows photos, but then, I have to pay around $3 for it.  Never mind, I'd rather have this one where it's all written down for you.  The background is a nice wood panelling and very easy to read.  
Already, I've added in 6 of my own recipes, and they're all still in there.  However, there was a glitch this morning after a night of the tablet being on charge; the app wouldn't work.  So, I left it alone for about an hour and then it started up.  I don't know what happened with it, but now, it doesn't matter.  The great thing with this one, is that while you have the app open at any page, it won't go to sleep on you, so you can keep and eye on it the whole time, and you don't get food on your screen trying to keep from switching off.  Now, that's a great option.

What apps have you found for your tablet, iPhone or device which has worked for you in your life?  Did it cost you a little bit of money, or was it free from the PlayStore of iTunes?  Until my next post, happy reading.

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