Friday, July 11, 2014

It's Been A Week!

I know I should be jumping in here and talking books, however the only thing I've been reading lately is the instructions on how to do French Polishing on old furniture - yeah, I can see you nodding off as I write this.  But it's true!  I've been spending the last week at my folks' house working on my late-Grandmother's Glory Box to bring it back to life.

This is so I can use it in my home - and so when I go, my niece can have it in her home too, and she doesn't have to go to the trouble of getting in and working on it herself.

Since Monday, I've been spending 6 hours a day at it, cutting back the paint, shellacking, sanding that off, using steel wool, shellacking again (and man that stuff stinks!) and then, if I'm not sick of shellac?  Well, I'm using it to French Polish it... blech.

Today, I'm editing and proof-reading another writer's two chapters for tomorrow.  She'll get it in her e-mail, but is unable to show up at our writer's group tomorrow at the Hyperdome.  Oh well.. at least I've finally gotten around to doing this for her.  

So, what have you gotten up to lately?  I am trying to read a book by Jasper Fforde... yeah, trying... that is if my eyeballs don't close on me before I pick up the book at night from sheer exhaustion. Until my next post, happy reading! 

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