Wednesday, November 5, 2014

'Monet's House: An Impressionist Interior' by Heidi Michels and Guy Bouchet

There's always one artist in your life where you dream to - hope to - visit where they live.  You want to know how they lived their life and how they painted all those gorgeous paintings and where they found their inspiration.

For me, it's Claude Monet. 

His house is a famous landmark and tourist attraction.  However, I'd love to visit it without anyone around - just me.  I know that sounds very selfish and pushy, but I want to be the only one to walk the grounds and feel the press of the muse from the surroundings, not the tourists running around the place taking photos and being the background of every shot I take.  

In this book, these two wonderful people working together have made this so.  Heidi and Guy have brought Claude Monet's home into the reach of my hands and mind, describing in every way possible way - without actually getting me onto a plane and flying me to France.
This wonderful hard-cover book is broken up into sections from entrance to kitchen, dining room, to private quarters, from garden to bedrooms and dressing rooms... and each room had a palate Monet used to set the mood and feel for each and every one of them.  The gardens were designed by him completely and he grew everything from all areas of the world in his large, gorgeous space of a inspiration where he lived, had a family, painted and entertained everyone.  Monet's home and gardens are a completely different world away from what you'd expect an artist to have.  A good majority of his paintings are of his gorgeous surrounds and family - and little wonder - why would he paint anything else?  And now, I want to take off to France and seek out his wonderful home in his part of France... and never ever leave.  Until my next post, happy reading.

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