Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ray Bradbury's House Demolition

I read recently that the famed - and one of my favourite writers of all time - Ray Bradbury's house has been demolished.  It was bought last year for over one million dollars and the person who bought his lovely yellow home had demolished it over the last few days.

I'm astonished that the fan of the writer didn't really care about what happened to the house, he just wanted to change the whole thing.  He said wasn't anything he expected and so went ahead and changed it... not expecting any backlash.

However, the people of the neighbourhood were astonished to find Ray's former home being pulled down was the most dreadful thing to have happened; as the writer lived in the house for over 50 years.

Find the whole article below.

The Rest of Ray Bradbury's Home


  1. I saw this too. It's been big news here in the US.

    1. You know, we have a very famous artist here, Margaret Olley, who when she died, fans and people of her home town rallied together to build a place in the Tweed River Art Gallery where her house could be moved and rebuilt in a new wing!

      She had donated $1 million to the gallery Murwillimbah and they pulled together the rest, bringing up from Melbourne - or Sydney - over 70,000 pieces of her belongings, and building a duplicate of her house (and old hat factory) in the Tweed River Art Gallery, including old street signs from the outside and exterior facades as well... they even went to the trouble of getting the interior colours exactly right...

      How can this happen to a famed writer in this day and age, is beyond me!