Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Art Journal of Frida Kahlo by Frida Kahlo

At Christmas-time, I always get myself a nice little present or two to spoil myself.  And this year, I bought off Amazon this very book.  Okay, it's a given that it's not the original, and it's a copy (I haven't got anywhere enough money for that kind of book).  But it's a great book nonetheless.

When I opened it, I found I had received a brand new copy of this book, when I asked for a used copy.  


Those wonderful people at Amazon had wrapped it, as I asked so I couldn't cheat and open it up before I was supposed to.

Then, when I did get in and start reading it down here at Brunswick Heads, I found the book broken up into sections.  There was a rather large introduction about Frida and her life... which I skipped over, as these parts are best read last for me.  There was an essay about the journal, and Frida Kahlo, which I skipped over as it mentioned parts in the journal that were interesting only to those who have read it. Then, there was diary itself (so colourful and filled with emotions!).  And then, there the translation into English.  Now, I put a bookmark into this part and started reading, and finding the pages back in the Spanish section so I could see the full-coloured prints of what was being described to me in the translation.

I'm only halfway through it, and it's the most wonderful book!  I can't wait to read the essay... it ought to be wonderful.  Well worth the wait.  Until my next post, happy reading!

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