Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Reading For Dumbies

I've got a great collection of books... I mean, there's some intellectual stuff here in my home office.  Some of the books I have here, I had to wait until the right time to read them.  I mean, I received them years ago, but didn't understand them until around a year or so ago, when I had read other things to catch up with the one I wanted to read (does that make sense?).

Then, once in a while I go out and get myself a 'dumbie' book.  It was 'SeinLanguage' by Jerry Seinfeld.  Now, I have absolutely zero interest in this guy - I actually don't like him as a comedian - and yet I picked up his book yesterday at my craft group and brought it home to read.

Okay... it's more than once in a while; it's a few times a year.  These are books which are pinch easy to read by people I have nearly next to no interest in; and they didn't sell any of their books here in Australia - or I'd never heard of the title here.  But I come across the book and pick it up anyway because it's an easy read.

My question to you today is:  have you ever done this, just to read something?  If so, whose book was most memorable?  Was it because you found out something weird about them, or was it something you already knew about them that nobody else did?  Do you remember the title and is it in print anymore?  If not, do you still have it hiding in your bookcase anymore?  Well, okay, that's more than one question - I'm just being nosy today.  Well, until my next post, happy reading!

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