Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Blank Page

Today, I opened up a new post here to see what I would write.  

There was nothing that came to mind immediately, and I worried about this a little. 

Sometimes this happens to me as a writer; and it's not a good thing to happen.  However, you have to remember, I worked on two books last year, and have been working on flash fictions throughout the year last year as well.  For this I'm really happy, so for now, I think a bit of imaginative silence is good... well, until the next great idea shows up!

I'm not reading very much either.  But I'm not worried about that either, I think it's just my mind taking a break from the written word for a while, until it wants to take it all in later on.

Do you do this?  Stop and slow down from reading or writing for a while, just to see the world around you for what it is?  If so, what do you get up to?  For me, it's delving into painting and gardening and cleaning out my house.  I know all of those are the complete opposite of writing, but it's probably best if they are.  Until my next post, happy reading.


  1. It's nice to take breaks from reading every so often... I haven't taken a break from reading or blogging lately... But it may be a good idea to do so at some point.

    I started learning to knit last year and have taken breaks here and there on various projects before picking on new projects or learning new skills.

    1. I'm happy I'm not the only one who does this. :D

      And it's wonderful we all have different hobbies to go to when we do take breaks from reading. I also knit, but it really locks up my hands. So, back to writing and painting I go to free up my arthritic hands. :)