Sunday, April 12, 2015

'Faylina' by D.L. Redshaw

Lina is a Fay who is the daughter of the King Fay in Fayland, where all the Fairies live and learn to be good fairies.  They all have special skills and travel around on ladybirds to fly to the human world.

On Lina's seventh birthday, her name is changed to Faylina and she travels to the human world to help teach children to read - as that's her special skill.  When she arrives to the human world, she finds herself at the bedside of a very sick child named Belinda.  Sitting by her on her pillow, Faylina begins to read to her.

But she takes longer than she is allowed, and she sends her friend, Bairy, to let her father know where she is.  Will her father let her stay and help Belinda become well?  Will little Belinda overcome her illness?  Will Faylina help Belinda learn to read?  Find out in the lovely first book of the 'Faylina' Series.

'Faylina' by D.L. Redshaw is a new book published by the Butterfly Kiss Books publishing.  This company is a very new company on the market and is a family-run, Brisbane-born company. 'Faylina' was illustrated by R.J. Simon who you can find on Facebook.  'Faylina' also has their own author page on Facebook you can follow as well.

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