Saturday, April 11, 2015

Found and Abused Books

I was at the Logan Art Gallery today when I needed to use a book - one I could destroy if needs be.  And so I asked Jillian Beardsworth (our supervisor there) if there were books available to do just that so we didn't destroy books that were of value to the place.

Jillian took me to a couple of cupboards at the back of the workshop which were chock full of rejected and cancelled books from the Logan City Libraries!  I was amazed what books weren't being read by people anymore!  I picked out the book I wanted to use and then found two more 'The Cold One' by Christopher Pike and 'Bagombo Snuff Box' by Kurt Vonnegut.  One of these authors I haven't read since I was in my twenties and the other I've been looking for more of his work but it costs a small fortune to buy!

So, I asked if I could take those two books off their hands; and Jillian just let me take them home.  I'm so happy these books are in my collection now - and they didn't cost me a cent!  I'm looking forward to cracking the cover of 'Bagombo Snuff Box' by Kurt Vonnegut, as it's all his uncollected short fiction... very cool, and I've heard of the book but have never seen it before, and I love reading books filled with short stories as it's a lot more fun to get through.

I was also given a new piece of children's fiction by a friend of mine: 'Faylina' by D.L Redshaw.  I look forward to reading and reviewing this book for you all too.  Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. Great finds for you!! Glad you rescued them and that they are now in your permanent collection. :-)

    1. I can't wait to read Vonngut's book! I've only heard about it, now I own it! :D