Friday, June 12, 2015

Book Score!

Yesterday, I was out and about in the rainy day here in Brisbane, and I found myself at Holland Park West at a friend's house.  He's been cleaning out his house - calling out to friends on Facebook to come and get things he doesn't want - and I called him to see if he was home.  Fortunately he was, and I so dropped around to give him something Mum asked me to drop off.

Well, what started out as a general conversation turned into us going into the downstairs basement area looking at his books he no longer needed or wanted.

A lot of them were from his naturopath days when he ran a business at Stones Corner; but being retired now, he finds he no longer needs them. But there were other books there too.  From anatomy to herbs, to gardening and meditation, he had books on pretty much everything!  I picked out a few books to bring home with me that I am extremely happy with!

'Albatross Book of Verse: School Edition'
'Gold: Black Gold The Story of Intrigue - the Story of Mount Morgan' by Cyril Grabs
'Please Explain' by Karl Kruszelnicki
'Crop Circles: Signs, Wonders and Mysteries' by Steve and Karen Alexander
'Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Home Improvement'

Now, there were many more books piled up there under his house, but I only chose those six... which I think is quite good of me; seeing how I really can't control myself around books normally. 

Well, that was my score for the day... what have you been getting your nose into lately? Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. Woot, woot, great job on finding new books!! I keep wanting to curb my intake of books whether they are free downloads from Amazon... Or exchanging books with other Bookcrossers or buying more books and so on.... But no matter how hard I try and go a calendar year of not adding more books to my collection, I always add ore to my collection!!

    Last weekend was the inaugural Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley, California and my hubby and I went and it was a blast, even if we were unable to attend all day both days there. There was way too much to see and do there from free author lectures, visiting various booths, and so on.

    One of my favorite features @ the Bay Area Book Festival was the Lacuna Art Installation that contained 50,000+ used books that were given away to the public for free throughout the festival. I was an amazing sight to see and I came away with only 4 free books as that I could hand carry with me along with the 3 new books I purchased and had signed by the author at the book festival.

    So, I came away with a total of seven books while I was there which was awesome. Check out my blog post to see pictures of the event, which books I picked up and also which authors I saw!! There's even a video of the Lacuna installation!!

    1. AAAAAWWWW! A book festival! You lucky ducks! I was in Edinburgh the day before their Annual Book Festival; and asked our co-ordinator to keep us there one more day - but he said no.

      Anyway, I'd love to go to a huge book festival like yours. We have the Life Line Book Fest over the Queens Birthday Long Weekend last weekend, and that's held twice a year - and man, are there some books there! I've been to the Winter one of that one and spent $50 on around 25 books at that one. However, dragging all those books home was a huge ordeal on that bus... so I don't go anymore.

      Scoring them any old way I can is the best way I've found. :D

    2. Yes, lugging books around is a pain, which is why I didn't take anymore than 7 books with me from this event. We rode to Berkeley on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to and from the event to avoid parking/traffic issues, so carrying a lot of books wasn't in the cards.