Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Book Buys!

I have been good... really! I didn't so much buy any books, but acquired them. Okay, I added to my collection, but I didn't spend any more money.

Alright - I did sin and get some more books, but that's not the point, I bought only one book.

One! That was it! Honestly!

Good, now we got the confession out of the way of how many I bought and ... oh wait, I didn't tell you which ones I bought... here we go.

On 12th, June, I was out and about on a very wet week here in Brisbane.  I should have stayed home, but I didn't.  I wanted to get a few things done that Mum asked me to do, and so I drove out to a friend's house to drop off my late-Uncle's deed to his house (which this friends lives in). 
Well, he offered up some books to me, and I looked at a huge table covered in books he wanted to get rid of for nothing.  A lot of the topics weren't what I was interested in; but there were some that I am passionate about... so I took five books.
'Albatross Book of Verse: School Edition' edited by Louis Untermyer was one which Frank (our friend) had had since he was at school, and didn't mind letting go of. This book - and many like this book - are usually filled with verse you don't see anywhere else; and I love these books because of this.
'Black Gold & Intrigue: The Story of Mt Morgan' by Cyril Grabs. I don't know much about this one, but it's the story of Mount Morgan.
'Please Explain' by Karl Kruszelnicki is a book about science and about things we wonder about which sometimes we don't know the explanation to... so he's explained them to us in the best way he knows how.
'Crop Circles: Signs, Wonders and Mysteries' by Steve and Karen Alexander.  This title explains itself... and I love these things as they are mostly unexplained and very X-Files. 
'Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Home Improvement'. Now this is something I'd love to have a go at... see if it all works.
The book I bought and would love to see if it works on my stresses is 'Animal Kingdom' by Millie Margotta. It's a complex colouring book for adults with patterns and animals for us to colour in and add patterns to.  It was around $25.00 at Riot Art at Carindale Westfield here in Brisbane. I'll be photocopying some of the pages first to see how it goes... then I'll actually colour in the book.

Well, there you have it, the books I came across and now have in my collection this month.  Which ones did you get in your hot little hands this month?  Did you really wish for them, or were they bought just because they happened to be there and you wanted them on the spur of the moment?  Until my next post happy reading!


  1. I still have a double stack of books I acquired in April and haven't had time to read yet. Ten books from 2 different Little Free Libraries in town. I swapped ten that I had finished for them.
    The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. I read it many years ago, and thought I'd enjoy re-reading it.
    Fire and Hammer by Shirley /Barker, historical novel of pre-Revolutionary USA
    Night Ride Home by Vicki Covington. I've read another by her and thought I'd like this one. She lives in Birmingham, Alabama, where I lived for many years.
    North of Boston by Elisabeth Elo. It seems to be an adventure/mystery. It was an advanced reader's edition; I'd love to see a review written by the person who left it!
    Killer Keepsakes by Jane K. Cleland looks like a cozy mystery featuring an antique shop.
    Watchers on the Hill by Stephanie Grace Whitson is No. 2 in a series; I hope it can stand alone! It seems to be a Christian romance.
    Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. From the back, "...a brilliantly original fiction that reveals how disparate people connect, how their fates intertwine, and how their souls drift across time like clouds across the sky."
    Private Life by Jane Smiley. I read The Book of Ruth by the same author many years ago, and want to try this one.
    Dangerous to Know by Barbara Taylor Bradford. Seems to be a mystery.
    The one I have read is one I won from LibraryThing's Early Reviewers: American Meteor by Norman Lock. A fast-moving historical fiction covering the American Civil War to Custer's Last Stand, the battle of Little Big Horn, American cavalry against native Americans. My review is here: http://www.librarything.com/work/15527021/book/118194829
    Right now, I'm reading another LT Early Reviewer book, One Righteous Man by Arthur Browne. It is a biography of the first African American New York City police officer. Very interesting!

    1. Wow! Sounds like you have your Summer Reading cut out for you... enjoy! :D