Monday, August 10, 2015

Whatcha Reading?

Reading is such a big part of a writer's life; so much so, I find that actually does assist in a lot of my work. I get wonderful ideas from some of the books I read, the television shows I become huge fans of and when I have a block, I find it's as though I'm actually lost in my own forest of being.

Being blocked is horrible to me... I see as losing my compass, the path through the forest of my imagination and not being able to see the end of the path of where my stories end.

However, once I can get back into a book and start writing again, I'm fine. Yes! The sun shines again and it all works out again for me... isn't that strange?

Well, I'm back into reading books again, and the one main one I've got my nose in is 'Immortal Espionage.' by Debbie Behan. She has written other stories; but not quite like this one, and so I'm really getting into it.

I'm also reading bits and pieces of 'On Writing' by Stephen King - which is a book I get into when I'm stuck; thankfully he's got great advice about how to get unstuck.

I'm also reading my most current issue of 'Good Reading' Magazine, which I do subscribe to. Well, that's what I'm currently reading; and now, do tell! What are you all reading right now? Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. I'm sort of in a reading slump you could say even though I'm currently reading 8 books right now. I usually don't read this many titles at the same time. I usually have 2-3 books I'm reading at any given time... I'll have an audiobook I'm listening to and then a nonfiction book and a fiction book I'm reading. I just have had a difficult time finding books that capture my attention. Right now, 2 or 3 of the books I'm currently reading have my interest, while the other 5 books are just ho-hum!

    1. Oh! You have the same problem I did earlier in the year... it takes time for your brain to catch onto one thing it really wants to connect with. Sometimes, after years of reading a lot, you get into a slump where your brain feels burnt out from all those books... I find just enjoying something else - other than reading - is best for it to cool down and reconnect with you and your library.

    2. I think you're right... I've read 70 books so far this year.... My goal is to read 100 books, so am ahead of the curve towards achieving my reading goal for 2015... So, I've been reconnecting with knitting and am working on a couple of projects.

  2. I've started Cloud Atlas (I forgot the author and I don't have it with me; it's at home and I'm not), but couldn't get into it. I then started Night Ride Home by Vicki Covington, an Alabama author whose fiction is set in Alabama (USA)