Thursday, March 10, 2016

I'm Back!

Woah! It's been a long silence between posts and I gotta apologise to you all.

I've been very busy lately doing a needlepoint for an art deadline which is coming up next week! And finally - yay! Finally! - I've finished it, signed it and it's now at the framers here in Logan City. 

Damned I'm so relieved!

But in between all that needlwork, I've been writing, cleaning out my house - bit by tiny bit - and editing a collection of flash fictions to be looked at by InHouse Publishing at Underwood. I'm hoping to get my name down to get an arts grant as well... hoping is a good word, and I do hope to get it because I do need that grant money to get my first book published.

That's not the only thing I've been doing.

I got my David Bowie 'Blackstar' vinyl off layby, as well as 'Molly' miniseries paid off too. Then, I put a set of retro drawers on layby at Fantastic furniture and I've been eyeing off a new bookcase - yes! I'm finally going to look into replacing The Saggy Bookcase! About time too! I know there's a home-spun theory about how that bookcase is holding itself up through the space-time continuem - with the help of the Sonic Screwdriver and the Tardis (wherever it may be right now) and The Doctor as well - but truthfully, it's not doing me any favours by sitting here and looking like crap. I need a bigger bookcase and I need one that can handle the weight of the books I currently have - as well as take on the weight of more books of an expanding collection.

So, I'm in the search of 'the perfect bookcase' ... if one exists ... to house the books that are on it and the collection that will be in the future of my home library.

Well, that's what I've been up to lately. What about you guys? Have you been hunting for books, bookcases or hoping to get in and read more books (which is another dream of mine... to get in and finish some of the books I've started, instead of sitting in my Reading Chair for 10 minutes and nodding off. Yes, it's that comfy - darned chair! Making sleep when I should be reading! How dare it be that comfy!) Until my next post, happy reading. 


  1. Can you post a picture of the needlework?
    Good luck finding the Perfect Bookcase! (hint: they're never big enough; somehow books must reproduce themselves when we're not looking!)
    I have one of those comfy reading chairs, too. I know the feeling.


      There you go... This was taken the night I Finished it (last Thursday) and the next day I took it in with the frame - and later on the glass - and got was told it was going to cost me $65 to get it all pretty. :D

      It took me 3 - 4 weeks to get this done. :D