Saturday, March 5, 2016

Loving Collecting Books

I totally enjoy my book collection. I also love indulging in being around my books at any time of day - but mainly at night, when it's late and I'm about to go to bed. What I do is I sit in my Reading Chair and look around that the shelves of books surrounding me. From this angle, they appear to reach up to the ceiling and look as though they're about to topple over on top of me (like the huge bookcase almost did in Wales when I found my very first collectible book; and I pulled it from its well-packed case there!), but they're not going to.

The one thing I absolutely love doing is going through my stacks and finding books I had forgotten I had bought; and yet I'll still want to read them. Or funnier still, I'll find about three copies of the same thing because I've forgotten I've bought the first copy.

Now, that's hilarious!

But I do enjoy being around my books so much that I actually miss them when I go on holidays for more than a week. Yes, I come home and just have to touch them with my hands to feel as though I'm really home - and be around them to feel relaxed. 

My reading room/library is a very private room, though. I find that when people do come into the room, they are amazed at how many books there are. From the outside of my place, you wouldn't think I had such a large collection of books, or a room such as this, but it's nice to see one like this.

So, do you have a large collection at  your disposal at your place where you can escape into whenever you want to? Or do you have to go to the library to do that? Until my next post, happy reading.

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