Friday, April 8, 2016

Been Offline

It's been a good while since I last posted; there's a bad reason for it. No, I've not been lazy. My internet connection has been cut for the last 2 weeks. Yep, I've had to borrow my Mum's Telstra Hotspot connection and so I haven't been staying online for the long hours I've wished for.

But today, I had a breakthrough! Yes! Optus called me and we talked and the guy put me back online. He didn't tell me why my internet was cut (I think he couldn't tell me) but he did help me out with it. He asked who I spoke to and how I was treated and was honestly disgusted in how things turned out.

However, since my internet has been on the blink, I have been looking at my book collection and wondering if I really should have everything in proper sections - you know, all the series and trilogies in one area, the poetry in another. Yes, my book collection is a bit of a mess. I did sit down and start reading 'Lord of the Rings' and enjoyed the freshness of it all - after all it's been over 20 years since the last time I read it.

I've also been looking at new patterns on how to make tote bags. They look great! I'm hoping to be able to make one for my brother's girlfriend for her birthday this year - and if not by then, well, one for her for Christmas, along with a few for other people by then too. 

So, I've been reading and looking at patterns for presents this year for birthdays and Christmas (yes already! I'm really getting like my Grandmother; she'd be so pleased with me). Until my next post, happy reading!

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  1. Glad you're back online.

    I'm starting early for making things for Christmas and birthdays too. I knit and have become quite addicted to knitting actually... I have a yarn stash that may soon rival my book collection if I don't watch out!! I'm also spending more time knitting, buying yarn and other knitting supplies, looking for free knitting patterns online, and blogging about knitting than reading,,,, If you're interested, check out my knitting blog, which chronicles my knitting journey. :-)