Wednesday, February 15, 2017

J.D Wiley Spotlight Sessions

I'm so pleased to introduce a new writer who I've discovered in another blogger's blog. His name is J.D Wiley and he's scored himself a wicked blog stance in his own right!

Recently, I wrote a Flash Fiction titled 'The Sounds of Silence' about the future of the computers, the world we're currently living and how our lives have turned out. And J.D Wiley asked in the comments if he could use the first 100 words or so as a tempter on his blog; then link it back to mine for the people on his blog to read mine. I said yes! And now, he's brought more traffic to my Flash Fiction blog than before.

The J.D. Wiley: Come for the Action, Stay for the Antics blog is an interesting site. I've only been here a few times to suss it out, but once I've read a few items on here, I found it's well worth staying for a good hour to see what else it here. I love how he's worked the pages and the articles available to us all.

I thought to thank J.D. Wiley here as this is where my writing and books take place. I hope to see him in My Reading List soon. Otherwise, take the time to read the tempter to 'The Sounds of Silence' and then follow the link to my Flash Fiction blog on his site. Until my next post, happy reading!