Friday, February 10, 2017

This Weekend...

This weekend, in the disgusting heat of what us Australians have come to call 'The Hellmouth', I'm going to be hibernating in my office. Yes, I'm going to be cleaning out this very room in air-conditioned comfort - only resurfacing for bottles of water and toilet breaks.

I know that sounds like I'm hiding - and I am - but the temperature is going to hit over 40C (that's 104F for you guys in the States). In Queensland, where I live, we'll be able to use our air-conditioners. However in the southern states, like South Australia, they'll be having their power cut. I have no idea what they'll be doing to keep cool, but it would kill me if that happened - a whole weekend without electricity. 

Besides sorting through all my books and about 6 bags of junk, I'll also be writing on the computer and hopefully reading something. Otherwise, I'll be attending only one event this weekend - and that'll be on the cooler day of the weekend, Saturday, then I'll be back home in the air conditioning and hoping to cool off more next week.

So, what do you get up to when it heats up? Reading is a great option... but when it gets too hot to read? Do you write? Do you find a pool or seek out a library or a shopping centre? Until my next post, happy reading.

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