Thursday, August 16, 2018

A Literary Twist

I love reading and writing - and on the same token, I also love gardening; as some of you know. So, over the past few months, I've been cleaning up and doing up my little backyard and thinking about the artworks which I'll be adding to it when the time is right... and well the time is coming up that I want to get in and work on that.

The artwork I'm looking into is the literary artworks - you know the type right? There's going to be a couple of doors, some keys, a few birds of varying sizes and types and a rabbit or two as well as a bird in a cage and maybe some farm animals (yep, Old MacDonald's Farm is going to be featuring in this here little garden; as it was a book as well as a song!). 

This little garden is also going to have a sign post filled with all the fictional, fantastical lands I've ever read about... all pointing in every direction for all to see! It's going to be a wonderful little garden fill with everything for the eye to see - some colourful, some hidden, some waiting for the person to find - and yet, it's going to be all about books and the written word; as much as my library of books... which are hidden upstairs in a room, locked away from the eyes of the people in the surrounding units.

The reason why I want to do this in my garden is because I've seen photos of parks and gardens overseas and across my own country doing this very successfully and, I thought: 'Why can't I do this in my garden?' 

Well... why not? 

It's a private garden and I should be able to get in and do this kind of thing in the very place where my Secret Garden grows - where I feel the most comfortable, where my growing little universe thrives and I can get away from everything and enjoy it.

Why, it sounds like my library of books doesn't it? Until my next post, happy reading.

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