Thursday, August 30, 2018

Chilling Out and Reading

I've been forced to sit down and read lately - yep, not more running around like a headless chicken for me for a week.

Yes, I've been a clutz, and broke my pinky toe on my right foot! Now, who hasn't done a stupid thing like that before? I know some of you have, and doesn't it hurt! Of course, I swore like you wouldn't believe to start with, then afterwards (I was cooking and thought it was burning and when it turns out it wasn't, well...) I swore more.

Yesterday, I read some of Book IV of the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King and binged on a few movies on Netflix. I'm really hanging for movies about writers and books - but there's nothing like that on there. I'll have to angle it around to that, and see what happens with the selection.

Anyway, I'm going okay. I'm going back to the gym tomorrow and taking it easy - seeing I can get my foot into a shoe and walk okay now. I'm just thankful I can get around now. But tomorrow afternoon, I'll be taking it easy again and reading more; as the more I rest my foot, the faster it'll heal.

Yep, it takes the smallest things to make you stop, sit down and really get into your reading, doesn't it? Until my next post, happy reading!

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