Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fred Astaire by Roy Pickard

Now, I'll let you all in on a little secret. I absolutely adore Fred Astaire... honestly I do. He could dance like nobody's business! And I just loved it. I own some of his films and when I want to watch a film where there's little to no violence, fantastic music by the best Big Band composers and people wearing glorious ball gowns, I pull out one of his dvds from my collection and put it on; and I'm back in the 1950's lost in the world of dance, song and tap.

Mum and I picked up this glorious hard cover edition at Bangalow in a place called 'Heath's' on the day we visited. It was miserable, sultry day and finding this book in amongst others on the shelves in a old tin shed was like finding a diamond in a coal mine. As I pulled it from the shelf, my eyes widened at the beautiful condition it was in; I was astounded at how wonderful the pages were too! Just look at those photos! The pages are white and clean - not a yellowed one amongst them! - and aren't the pictures pristine? Well, Mum knew I wouldn't leave without it and said she'd buy it for me; and I thanked her over and over for it.

I'm afraid to say that there's not a lot on Roy Pickard on the net. However, he did write a lot about Hollywood stars and what made them famous. If anyone knows of a site that can point us in the direction of where we can find out more about this man, please do leave a comment here and I'll add it on to the sidebar for all of us to use. Thanks guys.

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