Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Been Busy Reading

I haven't posted that many reviews lately - and for this I apologise.  I do have a very good reason for doing this.  I've been reading a 6-book series for the last month and a half.  Each book took me only a week to read and I've also been crook with a sinus infection - but that hasn't slowed my reading down.  Here in Brisbane, this sinus problem has been going around, so I'm not alone.  However, I've been waiting to finish the entire series to get in and do the whole review in one hit; as the story covers all the books and it juxtaposes throughout the books as it goes on.  So, this is why there hasn't been any book reviews and only book news lately.  I'm terribly sorry about this.  I should have told you guys, but I wanted to surprise you all with a great vampire series to get into.  
But... I can review it now, if you wish....

The 'Midnight Breed' series by Lara Adrian is a set of six books about a breed of vampires which have been around on Earth since the Middle Ages.  Their race landed here and began to feed of humans and breed with us; as we were the only species that could take to breeding with them.  However, they could only give birth to boys; and they had to find women who had a particular birthmark which made them breedmates.  
This series of books are well-detailed and wonderful in each story.  From book one where their leader, Lucan, finds his breedmate to the last one - which I'm currently reading - these books will keep you wanting more from Lara Adrian; in action, humour and romance.  Most definitely worth a read.  Mainly, these books are aimed to the women readers who like romance; but also vampire romance.  I would point these in the direction of readers who like Mills & Boon too as there are some love scenes that are really steamy.  So, do have a go at reading them all; as you won't be able to stop at just one!


  1. I won the 1st three in a giveaway, it is a little out of my comfort zone but I promised to get to them next year.

    How cool that you decided to read them all in a row.

  2. Actually, I received them in a spiral through Bookcrossing and so read them one after the other; making the story all the more the better. :D