Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday Reading Plans

It's getting to this time of the year where I begin to look at what I'll be taking to the coast to read.  Now, I'd love to take all 50 or so of my reading list, but unfortunately, due to space, I can't.  So, I have to choose just a few to fit into my suitcase that doesn't weigh it down; and fortunately, the ones I've picked this year are smaller than last year.
'What Would MacGyver Do?' by Brendan Vaughan is the first off the list.  Now, I've heard a bit about this one where people have stories where they've had 'To MacGyver' it to fix something in situations where they've got the most unusual things.  And I'm sure we've all been in those situations where we've had to do it too.  Now, there's a book of anecdotes of this very thing.  The reviews of this book are mixed, but I'll see how is goes.
'Neuromancer' by William Gibson is a book I've had on my Wish List on Bookcrossing for a some time now, and finally somebody sent it to me through a book box.  I thought to take it with me down the coast to see how it goes; and see if I feel like reading sci-fi.
'Bless Me, Ultima' by Rudolfo Anaya is a classic written by a wonderful writer.  I haven't read any of this author's work; and look forward to reading this one on holidays.
'The Legacy' by David Suzuki is one book I've wanted to read all year.  And I thought that once I got it into my hot little hands I'd read it right away.  However, I'm involved with book spiral (a series of books that I've yet to finish and send off; I'm up to book 5 of the series of 6 right now) and am unable to begin this one just yet.  But this is something I've decided to put into the holiday reads because it looks like something to delve into at that time.
So, there you have it:  my Holiday Book Reads.  What have you planned to read this holiday season?  Do you plan your seasonal reads; and do you stick to the plan or waver from it (believe me, I do!)?  I look forward to reading these ones - and more - on my holidays.

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  1. No special holiday reading plans. I just read whatever I'm able to get on my TBR list.

    Last year, the day before New Year's Eve, my mom, stepdad, and I took a trip to visit my grandparents on Mom's side of the family. As Mom and Stepdad like flea marketing, we looked around in at least one on the way over. Normally, either none of us find anything or they find stuff and I don't. The exact opposite of the latter happened at the time as I had found some books, which were eventually registered with Bookcrossing, and in January amongst the first books to be listed on my reading blog. (They were all released after I had read them, but I think I only heard back on one of them.)

    Depending on what I end up doing over the Christmas holiday (either staying here or visiting my dad's side of the family), I may or may not have time to read. What I end up reading if time permits remains to be seen.