Saturday, January 29, 2011

January Book Buys

Welcome to a new year of reading, book-buying and sharing too.  And this year has been exciting already too with Brisbane City having a massive flood just after Christmas, wet school holidays and many people, schools and homes displaced.  Seeing I live in Brisbane, my family was one of the fortunate ones who didn't get caught in the rising flood waters; however, seeing how much rain we had, it didn't stop me from going out and buying books either. Well, this month, I'm glad to say that I got out there and bought some good books; books I'll be getting my nose into at some point in the next year or so. And here they are:
I bought the only two of the month at Garden City on the same day; how lucky is that?  To find that very books I wanted on the same day?  Well, there was 'Full Dark, No Stars' by Stephen King from QBD purchased for $22.99 which cheaper than anywhere else I looked for a brand new book.
Then, there was 'Baudolino' by Umberto Eco which I found at The Book Cafe while I was having a coffee and something to eat; actually it was while I was waiting for my order to show up that I found this one and 'Blood Music' by Greg Bear.  But being a fantastic classic that book is; how much I enjoyed it, I thought to leave it for another to find it, so I put it back on the shelf.
The next few weeks, I didn't buy anything.  In fact, I was given the next couple of books by Mum.  These books were being tossed out by some people at Weight-Watchers and were free; so she picked them up and offered them to me.  There was 'The Ultimate Aphrodisiac' by Robert G. Barrett and 'A Short History of Nearly Everything' by Bill Bryson.  Now, I'm not big on Bill Bryson, but I've heard this book is funny.  And then, I was asked by some friends to do a book review on their son's books titled 'Code Name: Millicent' by Bryon Williams.  It's about a cat who is a spy trying to catch out the drug trade in Nimbin in New South Wales.  I'm currently up to chapter three after only a few hours of reading it yesterday afternoon to kill some time.  And now, I'm hooked on it.  I'm not really a cat person, but this cat is just lovely and tough.  I'll be doing a thorough review of the book soon.
So, that's my books for this month - bought, donated to me and borrowed - and so they are most certainly a motley crew aren't they?  What did you get into buying?  Did any of you Brisbane/Queenslanders get to go to the Life Line Bookfest?  If so, what did you buy?  If not, don't worry, there's another in June/July.

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