Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shades of Midnight by Lara Adrian

There has been a mass killing in the Alaskan township of Harmony.  As peaceful as this place sounds, it has torn apart by this tragedy as the family who was murdered was known in some way by everyone in Harmony; especially by Alex, who had lived in this freezing oasis since she was around six with her father, who only passed away 6 months ago.  When she happens to come upon it during a supplies drop, she recognises the way these people suffered; it was the same way her Mother and her brother, Ritchie had been horribly killed.
Meanwhile back in Boston, Lucan and his brothers-in-arms choose the only Breed who can survive the freezing North Alaskan Winter, Kade, to go and find out all he can to see why this has happened.  Kade not only knows the area of Harmony well, but his family owns a Darkhaven there; however when he arrives, he finds that it's not as peaceful as he had hoped, it's worse than when he left the year before.  Will he be able to make peace with his family, find out who the murderer of the family is and figure out exactly why his Breed nerves jump all over the place when he's in the presence of Alex in time to save the entire township of Harmony before the whole place is turned in to a bloodbath?

This is the seventh book of the series; and I waited until this one came along before I added it to the rest of them to post them all off in one hit to the next person in line for this book spiral on Bookcrossing.  I thought it would be not only fair, but cheaper in the longrun.  This book is a little slower than the others; but it does have it's hot spots that melt the snow when you're following Kade and Alex through the freezing temperatures of Harmony.  Definitely read it on a hot Summer night to cool you down.

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